Playing with the Devil

Playing With The Devil

Playing With The Devil
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Book review by Kevin Leland

This is a horrific story of child abuse in the 1960’s. Researched and written by Martha Jette.  The mother of these twelve children from Grand Banks, Newfoundland, Canada not only severely victimized these children herself, she sold them into prostitution, allowing them to be victimized by others in that small town. This story is about this despicable antagonist and child torturer, Harriet Prior and her baby-raping partners in crime.

This story also tells us of a hero. Byron Prior, the oldest of the twelve, tried repeatedly to get help for his siblings and himself, and was beaten severely by his evil mother for his efforts. These efforts were in vain. The same reprobate human beings that were in the position of helping –from relatives, to justice officials, to law enforcement officers– were the same ones involved in the abuse. Others were just too intimidated or politically controlled by those in power to act effectively on these poor children’s behalf.

The story is set as “fiction.” To find out why, investigate the true backstory. You will find that Byron’s quest for justice, decades after the abuse by his mother has stopped, has caused this poor and noble man more anguish in his adult years, heaped on top of the soul crushing memories of torture that he suffered, and witnessed his siblings suffer, as a innocent little boy. It must stop now!

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice,  for they shall be satisfied.

May Almighty God exact His justice on the perpetrators of these atrocities. May their victims find peace and sanctuary in His fatherly love and in the hope that He will one day wipe away all their tears. Mother Mary, pray for these poor souls and comfort them.

Here is a set of videos showing Byron Prior tell of his futile struggle to bring the powerful, Canadian political figures involved in the sick torment of his family to justice. It has cost him dearly. Yet, he persists and continues to hope in Democracy. Lend Byron Prior your support. Help him in his fight. Share his story as best you can. Pray for the peace and healing these poor victims deserve. The kind that can only be wrought by justice.

In this video, Byron speaks about his father, a decorated war hero, Randall Prior. He stormed the beaches of Dunkirk, in 1944, with the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division as they attempted to liberate the city in September, as Allied forces surged northeast after their victory in the Battle of Normandy. He tasted the blood of his comrades, as he was in it up to his neck, holding his weapon above his head. The courageous man fought against Hitler six long years, for his country and for democracy, just to come home and marry Harriet Snook, a woman who was as tyrannical and evil as this infamous Fuhrer.

In part two, Byron explains the abuse he suffered at the hands of his wife, Harriet. During the 1960’s “Grubstake” days in Canada, where hard-working men like Captain Randall traded their labor for credit in the company store, Byron tells how his father was threatened by his mother and her powerful “clients” and sex buddies, into handing over his paycheck under threat of violence and other retribution. He was also extorted into signing adoption papers for his grandchild, the illegitimate child of a powerful, local lawyer and Masonic Grand Master, T. Alex Hickman

The last video explains how Byron’s father, Captain Randall, signed the adoption papers for this child sired by Hickman, as a result of raping Byron’s twelve year old sister. Soon after, Byron’s mother was given a full “blind pension” even though she was able to see well enough to drive. Finally, the good Captain passed away after a year long battle with cancer. His wife tortured and neglected her husband to his last breath, denying even his request for water in his last hours.

In these next videos, Byron talks about how his quest for justice was met with retribution. He was charged with the crime of defamation and slander due to the accusations he levied against the politically connected perpetrators of these crimes. Instead of supplying a DNA sample to prove that Prior is a liar, and a slanderer and at the same time clear his name. Hickman, the savvy lawyer that he is, decided instead to label Byron Prior insane, thus acquitting him of the charges on those grounds, instead of allowing him to be found “not guilty” of slander on the grounds that his telling accusations were founded in truth.

Byron is as sane a man as one can find in modern, prescription-personality society, especially when considering the trauma he has suffered as a child and into adulthood. Three psychiatrists attest to this fact, and refute the claim of the court appointed shrink the said Byron is delusional, after only one hour of examination, compared to many more hours spent by the multiple, well qualified doctors who found Mr. Prior to be mentally stable, and not suffering from any delusions. His defense against these bogus charges has cost him and his wife a lot of money. The time they have spent pursuing justice has been a tremendous sacrifice. His younger siblings, in my opinion, have fell short in doing their part to help their big brother that has always done what he could to be there for them.

Justice denied. This is the first in a series of videos that talk about Byron Prior’s continuing fight for justice.

Byron is heroic in another way. He has managed to break the cycle of abuse that so often continues from generation to generation. As you will see in Martha Jette’s book, “Playing with the Devil,” Harriet was abused by her father, Tom Snook, who also went on to sexually abuse his grandchildren, as their mother, his daughter allowed it, and of course was extremely abusive herself. Byron and his wife Audrey have lovingly and successfully raised a child into adulthood, that is thriving. They are exceedingly proud of him, and should be proud of themselves as well.

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