Sinar Alpina Camera

By Kevin Leland

Are you into Film Camera Collecting?

Camera Update

Camera Update (Photo credit: AndyWilson)

The Sinar Alpina camera is a bellows camera; it is a great buy.  Most all of the accessories of other Sinar cameras fit the Alpina, with the exception of the rail.  The Sinar Alpina camera uses a lower rail than the other Sinar cameras.

This is a very durable camera and could last your entire lifetime and beyond; and very affordable at about $750.  As seen on ebay:

alpina swiss $769 2014-03-03_1331

This camera has often used professionally for photo studio work.  As compared to other cameras of similar quality, the Sinar Alpina is inexpensive and the parts are also more affordable.

The camera is a bit bulky, but it is not that heavy.  It may be a little difficult to use this camera on short focal length due to its 18 inch primary rail.

This problem can be resolved having a professional machinist cut the primary down a few inches and adding a slide and an extension rail to bridge the mount.  This is about a one hour modification that a small machine shop would do for less than $100.00

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

This camera was very popular with photography students in the 1970s.  For an old-time-type camera, it is still quite popular among hobbyists and camera collectors.

picexc dive suit 2014-02-19_1350

Join Sea Stories Group 2014-01-26_2047

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