Featured Artist: Shayla Tansey

Ad artwork by shayla 2014-03-07_0900

By Kevin Leland

For: Bangari Tattoo

Shayla Tansey ~ Our first featured artist is a tattoo artist that doesn’t want to be a tattoo artist. She is satisfied being a designer of tattoos. Shayla has recently left her “day job” to pursue her artistic endeavors with undivided attention. With her steady hand, and obvious talent, she would seem the perfect shoo-in once she dipped needles in ink…

Here is my 4-question, email interview, conducted in March of 2014, with this talented, independent and all-around-awesome artist from Calgary AB, Canada.

Do you do henna? ~ I was inspired to ask this question first because of this exquisite design in blue, that I think would look really good on skin in the unique hues of brown that henna dye takes, on all different skin types. Shayla’s design would also look fantastic, in these colors (or your favorite) as a permanent tattoo, especially within a “sleeve.”

shayla crow 2014-03-07_1023

frog thumnail shayla 2014-03-07_1003

I’ve never done henna but it’s very beautiful.

Have you had henna done?

No, I have not had it done myself, either.

As a designer of tattoos, have you ever considered picking up a tattoo gun, and putting ink to skin? ~ I was inspired to ask this question because of this pen and ink turtle Shayla did, that I think would make a perfect tattoo, especially in the same black-ink-only way she did it. Although, some muted color could be striking in a tattoo design too.

henna turtle 2014-03-03_1618

frog thumnail shayla 2014-03-07_1003The idea of doing tattoos is alright but I really have no interest in having to stand over another human being for hours on end, potentially focusing on a gross area of their body. The idea of it being so permanent also freaks me out a bit! I like being able to paint/draw over my mistakes.

I did actually look into it a couple years ago and went to a tattoo convention to talk with some of the artists. One said that it’s at least a year’s apprenticeship unpaid and quite frankly I can’t afford to take a year off at this point. I quit my part-time day job last week to focus more on art but that’s only thanks to my boyfriend’s help and having someone to split the bills with now. I also like the idea of making my own schedule which can’t happen when you’re with a tattoo parlor.

Do you have any tattoos?

frog thumnail shayla 2014-03-07_1003I don’t have any tattoos….yet. My mom actually told me the other day that she was surprised I didn’t go get some right after I moved out at 19. When I finally settle down a bit and figure out my life here and get my art career on track that will probably change.

I also can’t decide what I’d want first!

~End of interview~

I guess if it is tough for an artist to decide on a tattoo design, it is more difficult for the non-artist. Consult Shayla today, and brainstorm your design, before it’s permanent.

I liked that Shayla pointed out some of the potential “down sides” to becoming a tattoo artist. We want to “keep it real” for anyone following our tattoo content, and is aspiring to become a professional skin inker.

Our content on this subject is going to center on “becoming a tattoo artist.” Doing it the right way, after you have made a well-informed decision, is what we hope to encourage with this category.

Shayla took a very important first step to launching her art career, that applies to all artists, whether they plan to put their designs on skin or paper: Shayla built a website. It’s a nice one too! It ends in “.com” –This is also important, even if it is not necessary. Then, to top it all off, she connected into all sorts of social media from Pinterest (where I found her, almost by accident) to a facebook page.

Along with that important first step, she possessed a very important “correct attitude” about her posted art. She allows others to use it. Technically, this is the “creative commons” idea that is more useful to all parties concerned. If you use one of Shayla’s designs, be sure to “return the favor” by giving her credit, by way of a link, post or comment.

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