Content Gold, content money

By Kevin Leland

Not many people seem to like math. Financial number crunching is a necessity in the lives of most adults, but it’s never a “hobby.” Creating content is getting to be a major pastime. What most people don’t know, is that this hobby is a “paying hobby.” There are many savvy Webmasters that take advantage of the fact that most folks who contribute content to the Interweb, don’t understand the value of their work, and they gladly accept your “free labor.”

As the contributors to “Sea Stories” have recently found out, many hours of creative and collaborative work over the last three months, has yielded some revenue. A whopping $15. “Woo-hoo!” As Mark Lovelace exclaimed. But, if I do a good job with this piece of content, and hold the attention of math-haters, then before their eyes glaze over with boredom, I’ll be able to explain how this $15 is nothing to sneeze at.

For round numbers, let’s say the 25 of us created and published 100 pieces of content in three months. Rough drafting, editing, publishing, monetizing and sharing of this content takes about three hours per piece.

If we look at it like a clock-punching job, that means ($15 / 300 hours) we made five cents per hour for our labor…But that is the wrong way to look at it.

If we look at it like we spent 300 hours in a stream, panning for gold, then deposited the gold in an interest bearing account, then if work the number backwards from $15 “in interest” we get a better idea of the overall value of our gold panning / content producing labor.

If we earned 10% annual interest on our deposit, we would be psyched, right? Let’s use that figure. 2.5% for a quarter. ($15 / 2.5%) means that the overall value of our 100 pieces of content is $600. That in turn puts the value of our labor to publish that content at $2 per hour. That still sucks…But wait, there’s more!

Let’s go back to the $1/1000 page views payout. This goes to the contributor for their “rough draft” and also for their efforts in sharing / promoting their finished piece. So if we break out all the effort it takes to turn a rough draft into a revenue generating published piece, and assume it takes less than an hour to write the rough draft, then we are at around $6 per hour, which isn’t bad for a hobby.

Important note: Bangari Content Gallery does not own your content gold / intellectual property. We just keep it on deposit, and pay you interest / royalties. You can make a book or a movie, or you can post it somewhere else if you like, although it’s not recommended. The Web bots recognize and ignore “duplicate content.” You would have to spin it first (rewrite it) if you wanted to draw traffic to your content.

That’s about all I wanted to convey. Your eyes can all glaze over now, if they aren’t already. If you want to know more about the numbers on Bangari’s end, read on…

Internet content publishing is not a hobby for me. It’s a business. One that I’ve been working hard for quite some time to make a living at. I’ve been at it since 2008. In my career, I’ve had a construction business and a mortgage business. Both crashed when the real estate bubble burst. I started Bangari because even though I was earning money for writing, it was at a rate of only $6 per hour, most times, although there were rare occasions where I earned as much as $30 (even though I type slowly, and with four fingers).

Bangari is a co-op. We have a complicated but very fair system of sharing the revenue it generates. It isn’t completely monetized yet, and that job never really ends. It’s like a radio station. We have “sponsors” and they come in a few different forms:

WordAds: This is the “commercial” at the bottom of every post. It is put there by WordPress. What’s cool is that the robots can tell what the content is about, and selects an ad to go with it. It’s like a TV that can tell if a woman is watching, so it will run a commercial for PMS relief medicine, or that a man is watching, so they will run a commercial for a divorce lawyer.

This is where we earn the money to pay contributors $1 / 1000 views. WordAds pays about $1-$2 per 1000 views.

Affiliates: Amazon and Strike-force T-Shirts are our two main affiliates. We earn revenue (by commission) for any sales generated from traffic that originates at our site. They can tell where the visitors come from. We also sell Jon Ledger products. These are content-spinning robots, and other content production tools.

If you haven’t tried “online shopping” yet, give it a whirl. You won’t be disappointed! Just click the banner in the right hand column.

Direct Advertising: We have a few book authors who contribute to Bangari. Martha Jette is also a Bangari co-op member. She does most of the editing for “Sea Stories.” She wrote “Playing with the Devil” and a number of other books that we promote here. If you would like to advertise directly, let me know. We will be glad to give you a slot, even in trade for some editing or writing work.


2 responses to “Content Gold, content money

  1. To cumbersome for the intention of getting more involvement.

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  2. This was posted with a different intent. It’s more for beginner content producers in general. I’m doing a shorter version to use for drumming up more contributors for “Sea Stories.” See! No body likes math! LOL

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