From computer illiterate to building a website.

By Kevin Leland

Sometimes some catch phrases, opinions, and commentary get so disgustingly cliche that they become a joke, e.g.; “It’s not the heat it’s the humidity.”

What that requires is a shot gun comeback that will get the beast of cleche’s antlers hanging over the mantle.

I’ve met a lot of really smart people, who have talent and intelligence gained through years of experience. They’ve perfected hobbies. They’ve served in a war. They made a marriage work, through thick and thin. They’ve felt a calling to celibate religious life.

I often try to encourage people to share this knowledge. I try to get them to publish some good content about what they do, here on Bangari.

Here is the rub: An astonishing percentage of them tell me that they are “computer illiterate.”

From now on I am going to shoot back with “Are you learning disabled?” If they don’t get the hint, I’ll respond to their forth coming “No” with: “Then become computer literate. Maybe you could even learn how to type without looking at the keyboard, and then be one step ahead of me!” I’m embarrassed to say I never learned, and am still a three finger typer…

Some can do a lot with their computer. They socialize on facebook, share cool things they find, and use email without a thought. Maybe they even do their banking, and bill paying online. I don’t think these folks would classify themselves as “computer illiterate.” No one would.

But some of these people feel like “creating a website” is a big hassle. They think you need to go to college for that. This may have been so, not too long ago, but it’s much easier now.

Creating a website really is a hassle! It takes many hours of labor. It’s like writing a book. Then, there is all the maintenance and redesigning and linking and promoting and a myriad of other stuff you need to do before getting it to a rank where you should start to monetize it…another big job in itself.

That’s why we formed a co-op here at Bangari. Co-authored sites are the way to go. For people who want to create just their own piece of a website, when they join together, that mutual effort helps promote the site.

Join us! 

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