Foster Max

Max n Jerry 2013-09-19_0038

This is Max! He is almost five years old. He is a 125 lb. St. Bernard / German Shepherd cross. We have been together since I moved to Vermont in January of 2010. He is shown here with his buddy, Jerry. He is great with other animals, children and female people. Male people he keeps a close, suspicious eye on, as he guards his domain. He will not allow “the bad man” to raise a hand, or make any threatening gesture toward any creature in his charge.

my buddy fin 2014-07-22_1328

We have been through thick and thin together, but it’s about to get really thick in a couple weeks, but should soon after get better. I just got a job in Foxborough, MA, that starts on the first. I’m expecting it to be long hours, on top of a long commute. I don’t have anywhere to keep Max where I’ll be staying, temporarily, until I get a few paychecks in my pocket, and set us up in a good place.

Max RI 2014-07-22_1312

Max is trained well. He doesn’t make messes in the house, except for a little slobber now and then that may end up on a wall if he shakes his head. It wipes off easy. He can open doors, so they need to be latched to keep him from letting himself out. He has been known to put deep teeth marks in doorknobs in his sometimes successful attempts to get those open.

max and bagel for pet services 2012-01-15_0143

I will provide his food, and will repair any damage or wear and tear that results in his stay at your home. He makes a great watch dog, and although he doesn’t have a vicious bone in his body, he will alert, and scare off anyone who approaches his post. He had his own flock of sheep for a short time in Vermont, and loves to have a job to do –especially security work. He will have no trouble keeping away thieves and crazy exes!

Max and Donna 2014-07-22_1348

He likes to go for walks, but doesn’t have a lot of stamina, so two miles is about his comfortable limit. He also likes to play “where’s the ball.” You can show him an object, put him in the bathroom (he’ll scratch at the door, so this game may require a little paint job in the future) and then hide it somewhere in the house, and when you let him out he’ll sniff around until he finds it.

I’m searching the country for a perfect foster home for him. But, it would be nice to find a place in RI , MA  or VT, so I could stop in and see him, and take him on my time off. I would consider giving him up permanently, but only to someone who was a professional trainer that could turn him into a legit service dog that would work with a canine officer, active military, veteran, or person with special needs. Otherwise, I would really like to be reunited with my buddy, in a couple months, six months tops. He would earn his keep, and I would be very grateful for your help in keeping us together.

If you can be a good foster parent, please contact me by email (only)…Put “Foster Max” with the city you live in in the subject line. I’ll get right back to you…


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