Bangari Books

This is a collection of three little books about really big things! There are three more in this series that I was unable to collect. I’m auctioning these on Listia. Check out that site. It’s really cool!

little books 2015-04-10_1109

I’ve recently been dabbling in book trading. I have plans to reorganize this site, and rename it “Bangari Books.” I found an excellent pair of companies who will help me revamp things here, just as soon as I can raise a little seed money!

Made trades have made me approximately $700 in profit since I began, February, 2014. By “profit” I mean the amount of gross revenue I made from selling the books, minus the cost of the books, the cost to ship, and any other fees. I did not “pay myself” for my efforts to do this trading…If I did, even at a rate of minimum wage, I would be at a huge loss! I also haven’t counted the unsold inventory I’m sitting on.

It’s called “economy of scale” from a business standpoint… But, it’s called a “paying hobby” from an avocation stand point. It’s all good! But it would be better to reach critical mass, and cross the threshold from hobby to sustainable business model. Like everything else I do…It’s worth a try.

I’ve traded these books in different ways and in different places., and…I’ve made some trades in “meatspace” as well, at a few different brick and mortar book traders in Vermont and New York.

Stay tuned for a sign up sheet. you can receive special offers on unlisted inventory at great “package pricing.”

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