Witchy Women

By Kevin Leland

This post is an assignment for my African American Literature class, which I am enjoying immensely. Thanks Professor Martin! It is a song I wrote, to the Don Henley original, “Witchy Woman.” Although the Lord’s name is mentioned in it, and although my Roman Catholic faith considers it a corporal act of mercy to admonish the sinner, this piece is not a negro spiritual.

I tried to imitate the vernacular. It’s bluesy and jazzy and has a hip-hop or rap feel and I wasn’t afraid to take the lyrics to the offensive and confrontational places they go in modern Hip Hop. Pardon me. My professor encourages us to take risks.

I’ll include Don Henley’s lyrics, which are sung like the original song. The original lyrics I wrote for this blog post are “rapped” a cappella to a beat, in between the sung verses. I’m working on a video that I’ll link to the post where I’ll perform the song. I dedicate this post to my ex-wives, two, true, witchy, women.

Raven hair and ruby lips

Sparks fly from your finger tips.

Echoed voices in the night

She’s a restless spirit on an endless flight

Woo hoo witchy woman

See how high she flies

Woo hoo witch woman

She’s got the moon in her eyes.

I ain’t got me no troubles

I ain’t got me no fears

That ol’ witch come a knockin’

I’m gonna block my ears

G’wan stand der knockin’

On my back do’

You ain’t gettin’ in

Cuz you just a ho’

She held me spellbound in the night

Dancing shadows

And firelight

Crazy laughter from another room

She drove herself to madness

With a silver spoon.

Woo hoo witchy woman

See how high she flies

Woo hoo witch woman

She’s got the moon in her eyes.

You walked up to my car

I shoulda hit the gas

‘Stead I traded my whole soul

Faw a piece a yo’ ass

Now I ain’t got me nobody

But I got me a life

Far away from any witchy,

Bitchy, cheatin’ wife.

Now I know you wanna love her

But let me tell you brother

She’s been sleeping in the devil’s bed.

There’s some rumors goin’ round

Someone’s underground

She can lock you in the nighttime ‘till you skin turns red

Woo hoo witchy woman

See how high she flies

Woo hoo witch woman

She’s got the moon in her eyes.

But your lips were sweet like honey

Yo’ fingers sticky for the money

Now it won’t be real funny

When you both inside a box

Cuz Jesus know what he be doin’

An’ He know who you be doin’

Da end is comin’ to all yo screwin’

Cuz no mo’ is you a fox.

Cuz yo’ tits are really saggy

An’ yo’ Pappa’s kinda faggy

With his high heels an’ pannyhose

‘Steada boots and socks

So whatcha gonna do now nobody look at you?

Yo’ stirrin’ up a witches brew

To get yo sistas’ husbands’ cocks.



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