Author headshot in Google results

By Kevin Leland

Google makes it possible to have your “head shot” appear next to articles and other content you contribute to the Internet. This is like the ultimate “by line.”

search results 2014-03-04_0945

Congratulations! If you have content, that you created, that comes up in Google search results, then you are an Internet contributor, not just a consumer!

So you deserve to “get credit” for those contributions. This is your intellectual property, and it needs to be identifiable as such. Unfortunately, my mug has been coming up alongside content that I only published, and maybe edited a little. I want to remedy that.

But, I need your help.

If you contribute to Bangari, let’s get this fixed. It doesn’t fix “instantly” as it takes a few days for it all to be indexed by Google’s search bots. There are a few hoops to jump through as well. I’ll try to lay them out in step by step fashion here on this post.

Step one: Become an Author at Bangari Content Gallery…

a) For this I need your email address. I will send you an invite. Accept it when you have set up your wordpress account.

b) Set up a free WordPress account. With this you will get a free “blog.” This is an excellent tool to practice posting content in a more “hands on” way than what is done on Facebook.

c) Have your “head shot” ready. You will need it for wordpress and also for Google +

Step two: Open a Google+ account…

a) Upload your headshot. ~ Make sure your Google+ profile is set to be visible in search. You can verify this setting by visiting, and making sure that the Profile discovery section is set to Profile visible in search. If it says Profile not visible in search, click the Profile discovery section and then check Help others discover my profile in search.

b) Start building your “circles.” I recommend making one for “Sea Stories”

c) Add me and our other “Sea Stories” shipmates to your circles.

Step three: Is up to me…

Or, you can follow these instructions below:

Simply, link your name (in your byline) to all the content you write, to your Google+ profile.

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