Bangari Newbies Start Here

Just writing one more note to check in on everything.  Since this is my first round of writing articles for you and the projects, I wanted to be certain I am on the right track!  I have 3 original articles done, and saved on google docs.  There is certainly a lot of information on the blog site, but I feel like there is somewhat of a gap in instructions….I’m not too familiar as yet with google docs and don’t know what you’ll want me to do next.  Can I send you what I have to look over?  Let me know!

– Natasha

My first posts are going to include an answer to this email. So, if your reading this as a post on Bangari Content Gallery, we have launched the site! If this post is still here a year or two from now, then you are at a good starting point, this is basically for Bangari Newbies! ( Which we all are right now)

Google docs, you just gotta learn! It’s great. It’s going to be all the rage real soon, as

Google Docs

Google Docs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 cloud computing gets even more popular, and hard drives eventually go the way of floppy disks…Soon Cloud Computingwill be the only way. As you find tricks and have tips to offer…do so! Another great thing about learningthis Cloud Computing stuff, is that I expect to get a lot of writing gigs on this topic. Be one of the first to learn and master this new technology, and you can teach it!There are many gaps in the instructions right now. But Petal Mashraki is working on “step by step” instructions for getting nestled in here at Bangari…Bios, tons of linking, learning the robot, which we are all always doing. These will start to be available, and will be linked to this post. Petal, as one of the founders of Bangari, can attest to the fact that you don’t have to know what you are doing or exactly how to do it to get something done around here!We delivered on a $4,400.00 flat spinning project without even knowing how to spin! We learned as we went. We were honest with the client about our lack of experience, and they gave us a chance to “earn while we learn” anyway. We can do the same thing still -So can the Newbies.To be a good writer, you need to be a good researcher. Don’t be afraid to research your own questions, and see what the Interweb has to say. Petal had a good concept for learning while earning…Write an article about what you are learning or ask a question about what you want to learn. Some one will respond with an article on the topic. These will generate traffic to Bangari, as searchrers look for these same bits of information. Traffic equals revenue. This is a very cooperative place. We are not competing with each other. We are collaborating…The New Mutualism !Let this post start a thread of “how to” questions and answers that we can mine for tech articles to write on all the topics we are discussing. Remember to link up to other articles that make up the discussion, and allow searchers to dig deeper into information we present, kinda like Wikipedia. The bots love a site when its pages are all woven together. I’ll put the first step of the instructions in the comments, which is: Get a blogger account, call it “(First name) (Last name) Published Content Clearing House”

-Kevin Leland


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