Bangari: 10 Steps to Setting up Shop

UPDATE: This no longer applies. It wouldn’t hurt anyone’s cause to follow these steps, however it osn’t required to write and publish here at Bangari.
First, get a WordPress account and Bloggeraccount, if you don’t already have one. They are free.
Go to the Bangari Blog and sign up to follow posts and comments. This is where the team communicates about all subjects except matters which should be kept off the public Net.
Go to the Bangari Content Studios (private site) and sign up (ask for the site to be “shared” with you) to follow and get access to this private site where we discuss and post items which should be kept within the team and not open to the public.
Go to this is our show room to the public, potential clients and purchasers of our content. Your work / our work will appear here. Sign-up to follow comments and posts. Add all three of the Bangari sites to your favorites for easy access.
Image representing Google Docs as depicted in ...

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You will be given access to the Bangari Google Docs, this is where we keep our unpublished work and work in progress.
Create a new Blogger Blog called “(Your First and Last Name) Published Content
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 Clearing House”. This blog will contain one version of your spun-out articles and will be public. Place a link on the blog linking back to Bangari Content Gallery.
Go to this post Sites and Blogs to follow in the Bangari Blog, here you can add the links to any and all of your own sites and blogs. Make sure to also add the link to your new clearing house blog. The team will then follow your personal blogs and sites. While you are there be sure to show your fellow team members some link-love (link your sites to their sites) and maybe leave comments now and then.
Send a Bio, feel free to include as many links as you want, and “head shot” photo of yourself to Martha ( ) she will place it on the BCG.
Here’s where you have to spend money 🙂 (when you are ready) The Best Spinner -to be used in your work on Bangari, can be purchased from many different pages on the site. The commission comes back to Bangari, to pay for the word count you will be producing with this tool.
Get the affiliated link to TBS from …and place it on your private sites, published content clearing house, Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you can, the profits of the affiliate commission, as we said, will be shared by the team.
Get your PayPal email address to Kevin: Click Here to Use the Form on this Page. so you can start getting paid, if you don’t have a PayPal account yet then get one!
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