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The Internet is hungry for content. It is said that the speed at which a computers are evolving to ultimately be able to replicate human consciousness is increasing exponentially. This is why there is no shame in rewriting, spinning or robot spinning an article you produced. Just consider it akin to an artist who sells prints of his original work. The difference for our type of art, is that the only content the Internet isn’t hungry for is exact replicas all over the place. Cloud computing is an advance in Information Technology that helps stop many different copies of the same content from polluting the Internet.

What’s the difference between exact copies (duplicate content) and rehashed content?

Huge difference. You’ll see when you start trying to master that robot we use here at Bangari, using every technological advantage we can to produce quality multimedia content efficiently. It’s not easy. It takes a special writing skill to produce a “flat spun” article. There are knacks to adding words and phrases to a well a developed piece so the content the robot churns out is still sensible – well written even. It takes talent to manipulate the words, minding the word count, looking for the correct average word count with the highest percentage of uniqueness. It’s pretty technical, and it takes a lot of smarts to do it right.

Why does the Web want this spun content?

Search Engines along with Cloud computing, are at the core of creating this artificially (but barely discernibly) intelligent computer. To do that it will need lots of versions of the same thing. Moving past recognizing keywords and keyword phrases to determine what a piece of written content is about (the Semantic Web) -Search engines are now able to recognize faces, and other pictures, and can even determine if the writer has a good “voice” or not, as it reads and picks up on the “sentiment” of a piece (the Sentimental Web next?) Just as I predicted three years ago on a post at Factoidz where I said:

The Future of SEO and How it will affect Content Producers

  • Coming about as close to the cutting edge of artificial intelligence that we are going to get, the bots will be able to read content and judge it for quality of writing. Going past punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors, they will be able to judge style and flow and say “this is a very well developed piece” or “that is a rambling, random piece of crap.”

Just check out how the “spell checker” built in to WordPress editor, not only checks your spelling and grammar, it tells you if you’re using complex expressions, or passive voice. I.e., just like I said; rambling and random. If editing robots can do that, so can indexing robots. So create good content, while the robots are learning to tell the difference. They can tell duplicate content right away as well. When they find it, they devalue the site immediately, considering it a “scrapper site.” Be careful to NEVER post anything here at Bangari that has been posted elsewhere, without spinning it first. You can quote from it and link to it, like I did above.

Search engines want fresh, unique content posted regularly, and likes it when this content is linked up properly to other relevant content at sites with high rankings.

Google robots don’t like spam. They can’t even stand the smell of the stuff. Recently, they are not loving the content farms. Why? I think a major reason is that too many of these content farms collaborated with black hat SEOers, while taking advantage of hard working content producers, like us, and gamed Google’s advertising program, Adsense, that is about to sunset.

Nutch robots

Image via Wikipedia

We can rebuild it. We have the technology. (Six million dollar man reference? Yes, I’m over forty) Here at Bangari, as part of Project Exodus, we are going to do stuff with that content that will supply the Internet and everyone else who needs it for their own sites, (not made for AdSense sites) with all the unique content they want. We are going to get “our due” as the suppliers of this content in ways that will make the big search engines our friends. We are going to buy, sell and trade this content as we earn passive revenue on it, that will always be divided fairly among those who produce it. We will also get affiliate revenue from very reputable sites like

Here is a list of technology that members of Bangari should have, along with the know how to put it to work efficiently:

Google docs (free)

-this is Cloud computing at it’s finest.

Google Docs Rocks!

It allows collaborative content production, like what happens at Wikipedia. Don’t knock it till ya try it! It’s about team work and collaboration at Bangari. Content Producers are still respected and acclaimed for what they do as individual artists as well.

logo wordpress 2013-08-07_0858

WordPress Blog (free) -this gives you one of the best spelling/grammar/writing checkers on the market, for the bubble. It also gets you an understanding of the platform that you can use to produce all sorts of “turn-key” content.

Blogger Blog (free) -just because you might be a Google fan too. Plus we are trying to stay a bit “uniform” and all Bangari writers will have a “content clearing house” blog as an additional and complete portfolio of their written work.

Amazon Affiliate Account (free) – Instead of doing those hokey product comparisons / product reviews for  Factoidz so Mike Quoc can rake in the Adsense revenue and barely share it with you, write content, say for instance, about an invisible dog fence. Post an Amazon banner in the content with a “kit” for sale, and you get 6% – 15% of every one that someone buys after clicking that banner. That’s like $20!

The Best Spinner ($47.00-$77.00 / 1 yr. subscription) this robot is an amazing tool that will help you dominate the subjects you write about with your content. If used responsibly, what will be produced will provide search engine users with a much better experience and add value to the Internet. For all of these robots we sell at Bangari, we get a commission that will be shared among Bangari Content Producers in the co-op, based on how much you have contributed to the site. So buy one now! Click on this hyperlinked banner below to do it…


Celibacy writers wanted

How to purchase content at Bangari


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