Sea Stories Manifesto

Sea Stories Manifesto
January 24, 2014

Here are all the details you need if you would like to contribute to our brand new and fast growing community of “Old Salts.” We are telling tales of adventure and fun, and sometimes the hardships of sailing the seven seas. Contribute some anecdotes of your own for posterity, your own enjoyment and to support very worthy military charities .

Articles edited and published at no charge to the contributor, receive:

$1.00 per 1,000 views

This amount may increase over time. It is donated to various military charities on a quarterly basis.

Our staff:

Craig Johnson

Social Networking Guru. Craig will manage and moderate the Facebook group, “Sea Stories.” He also built a website to idex links to our stories for those who do not use Facebook. He will actively, but without being “spammy” recruit members to our Group. He will encourage members to contribute their stories and to share them on their own personal pages and sites. He will foster and cultivate the “Sea Stories” group, and stay current with Facebook policy and technical changes.

Kevin Leland

Publisher. Kevin will manage the site, Bangari Content Gallery, “Sea Stories” Category, and the Google (Cloud) Documents and Folders where contributors’ content is developed and posted. Kevin will also write monthly traffic and revenue reports, and distribute royalties quarterly. He will also coordinate advertising which generates revenue to keep the site up and running, and cover the quarterly amounts donated to military charities.

Martha Jette

Chief Editor. Martha will bring stories from rough draft to publishable piece. As a published author, she offers free advice to anyone thinking about publishing a print book, or an ebook. For very short rough drafts, Martha will do the research required to take the story to the word-count required to make it publishable. When she writes over 50% of the content, she will put her byline, site the rough draft author as a source, and quote the author in the text.

Jim Harris

Sea Stories Admin. Jim will promote our group and our published content around the Web. He will welcome new members, and help get them set up as contributors, or even as encouraging fans of our content. He will help coordinate our efforts with the needs of the different military charities we support.

Andre Moog

Sea Stories Admin. Andre has a hard drive stuffed with an incredible collection of images. He also has a couple degrees in “techy stuff.” He will help with editing, and do a lot of publishing (sharing his treasure trove of images) and promoting our content and getting new contributors set up.

Mark Lovelace

Sea Stories Admin. Mark has been an enthusiastic contributor to Sea Stories from the beginning, not only of good content, but also of good ideas to keep us flowing and growing. He will be doing a lot of editing, and recruiting new members to our group, while encouraging the contributors we have now.

Jackie Spires and Tami Rickert

Assistant Editors. Tami and Jackie will work in the Google Docs folders. They will transfer uploaded pictures and rough drafts into the contributors’ folders, and create folders for new contributors, get their emails, and share the folders with them, so the author’s can “co-edit,” and approve changes and additions to the stories. They will label the content and enter it into the “status” spread sheet.

Levi Leland

Art Director. Levi will work with pictures, enhancing them, and using them to create visually appealing links, with excerpts. He will also design the ads posted on the site, that are not automatically generated.

For more information on the importance of editing, click here.

Moderation Policies


Seldom has it been known for any American Sailors to use any form of inappropriate language or other malediction to express themselves. But in the rare cases where profanity is necessary to convey the story, “F” words need to be written as such: f**k or f*****g, using an asterisk “” to blot out all but the first and last letters of the word. Taking of the Lord’s name in vain will be treated similarly. Apologies rendered for this form of censorship. Your understanding is appreciated.

Parental Advisory:

Our “Sea Stories” are being enjoyed by the entire families of our Group. Because many of the “punch lines” are hidden until the end of the story, we don’t want to cause any embarrassing surprises for Grandpa, who may take to reading a particular story to his grandchildren. When the story contains adult language, violence or sexual references that may not be suitable for younger readers, we will place the appropriate warning in the excerpt.

ADVISORY: Contains adult situations, language and humor.


This is a very fuzzy line. Craig already seems to have a good handle on being receptive of legitimate complaints, and rejecting of nonsense complaints. That’s why he is appointed the “Social Networking Guru.” After all, it was Craig’s and Kevin’s response to a nonsense complaint, that Craig was “telling too many stories” in his facebook group, that gave birth to this splendid endeavor called “Sea Stories.” There is no such thing as “contributing too much creative effort” to any Website or Social Networking Group, as long as a content producer is not “post-bombing” the page.

Posting and Publishing:

If “Google Drive” intimidates you, then it’s okay to post your rough draft right on the wall of the Sea Stories Group. We can take it from there. However, our editors can’t work as closely with you to make your finished story the best it can be. Ideally, contributors will compose their rough drafts in a Google Drive (Cloud) Document, placed in a folder labeled “Sea Stories: Author Name.” Here it will be edited for grammar, syntax, word count and flow. It will then be published in the Sea Stories category of Bangari Content Gallery, with images and tags, making a link available to be posted back on the “Sea Stories” Facebook Group Page, and other social media and websites.

Posting Frequency:

Craig Johnson, as “Sea Stories” Group Administrator, will be diligent in fielding positive and negative response from the various online communities regarding the frequency of posting links that invite new members and contributors to join us at “Sea Stories.”

The Authors of the stories are welcomed and encouraged to post links to their content on their personal pages and groups outside of “Sea Stories” and can self-moderate those postings. Craig will work with Kevin to determine the best publishing schedule based on Author and Member feedback, and Site traffic reports.

Writing and Revenue Policies

Purpose over Profit:

From Google to Facebook, all the best and brightest Internet start-ups began with this policy at heart. We will be no different. Our purpose is sentimental. We are preserving personal history for posterity in a squared-away, permanent manner that was never before possible prior to the “information age.”

This is history that isn’t found in the history books. If it is, then we add to it with our own eyewitness accounts and personal experience. Who knows, two hundred years from now, you may have a decedent read some of your experiences, be inspired to join the Navy and serve aboard a flying, submersible destroyer.


As the minimal advertising on Bangari Content Gallery is set up now, our WordPress “WordAds” account displays one video at the bottom of the page. The right column has some other products, mostly online publishing tools, for free and for sale under an affiliate agreement. The right column also displays the books written by the Authors of our co-op Website.

We also have an excellent sponsor: Strike-Force

Check out their site for military apparel, custom T-Shirt designs, Zippos and more…


Hopefully, you are familiar with “Computing in the Cloud.” If not, no worries. We will introduce you, and we bet you’ll love it! We use Google Drive, where we write our rough drafts, and collaborate with the editors to get your story oozing professionalism, before it’s published with images and links.


Please! Scan your old photos, patches, memorabilia, pictures of models you built and awards you’ve earned, even if they do not directly relate to your story. Post it to the Group. We can’t get enough of that. Nothing dresses up a piece of written content like media. A picture is truly worth 1,000 words.

Writing Tips: 

Titles and word count are important for many reasons. A “rough draft” of about 250-750 words lends itself to the easiest editing. It’s better from an editing standpoint to add words, rather than deduct them. Humorous anecdotes should build to one “punchline” with a few quips along the way. Finished stories should be kept succinct, wrapping it up in about 1,000 words, give or take 250.

Poignant stories are tougher to pull off, and require more research and editing. If undertaken, they should have a “moral” in place of a punchline. They should pay tribute to, and honor the personalities involved. They should also be succinct. Be respectful to those you write about, especially if including names. There is freedom in the unwritten statute of limitations regarding mischievous military antics. However, be aware of putting your former shipmates in a bad light, and “leading by example” through noting that Sailors serving presently will be reading these stories.

Sea Stories

We will get you all set up, and our team is here to help you polish the finished product, making your stories read like they were written by a pro! Take a look at some of the ones we’ve published so far. Get a laugh. Get inspired. Contribute some of your own. Click the “Join Our Co-op” tab, and we’ll contact you with more information, about getting set up.

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