~Author Biographies~

This is a list of all the Authors in our co-op. Bangari Authors are proud of their work, and although they allow the content they create to be used around the Web under the Creative Commons 3.0 Share alike license, they demand that users cooperate with this agreement, and cite them, with a link back to their profile.

If you would like to apply to join our co-op, we welcome the opportunity to review your application. Bangari Content Gallery is not a user-generated content farm. It’s not the type of site that anyone can join. However, newbies are welcomed, as long as they have a strong desire to learn. Those authors that have been in the content production business for a long time, of course, are also welcome. The Web is always changing. If you have been at this business for years, then hopefully, like a newbie, you have a strong desire to keep learning.

Apply here: Join Us


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