Angelique Fyre

I am 29 years old, and I am just finishing the last two chapters of my first novel. I couldn’t have done it alone.  My (our) novel was co-authored by my sweet-heart of two years, Lionel Roy.

I can remember making up stories since I was a little girl. I almost can’t call writing a passion, it’s more like breathing  -Just something I do, and can’t remember ever not doing!

I started my writing career online, while I was living in Senegal. I did a bunch of ghost writing and bulk content. Very commercial, SEO content. I had some friends with sites online and did some work for them too, adding regular posts, and supplying resource articles for mostly WordPress sites, for a monthly stipend.  I never advertised, and never really even had a site of my own. It hasn’t been super-lucrative, but real money makes me a real professional -One step closer to my dream of being rich and famous!

I’m looking for a better way to do the commercial work, while continuing with my regular stable of blogs. First priority; we finish our story and start the hard work of promoting it!

I have a connection to the Aquaculture Industry, and will be working on some content here at Bangari on that topic, and will include my musings on fiction writing ~in a teach-as-I-learn format, if that is okay with my readership. 🙂

Articles by Angelique:

Aqua Culture: Oyster Farming


2 responses to “Angelique Fyre

  1. Welcome Angelique! You are a professional for sure. Hopefully you will make out even better here at Bangari. We are definitely glad to have you (and Lionel) aboard. We can’t wait to see your book! I hope we can help create some buzz about it here at Bangari, and help you sell a lot of copies.

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