Bangari Writing Tips

This page is dedicated to all sorts of writing tips, Internet writing tips (there is a difference) and information about how best to earn a living, or a truly decent part time income from producing content for the Internet.
Here is the beginning of an Indexof articles, separated by topics, to help you produce better content more efficiently -and earn a minimum of three cents per word for your efforts.Articles on earning potential:(click here for index to articles on this topic)What should I expect to earn producing content for the Internet?Not to sound trite, but what you earn is up to you. See? Trite. I told ya! But now I’m going to say something original and controversial: What we all earn, to a greater degree than you might realize, is also up to you. When you decide to scab out your talent and hard work for pennies on the dollar to the true value of that work, you burn the job for the rest of us. At Bangari, we don’t buy sell or trade any content produced by people who devalue the market and our entire industry by producing quality content on the cheap. Know your worth! Get a “Union Mentality” and check out (and join): The Freelancer’s UnionWriting in General: (click here for index to tutorials covering the writing craft)Is my grammar, style, and voice good enough?

If it isn’t up to standard, it will be! After some practice and some help and guidance from some of the people we already have onboard. Or, maybe you could teach us a thing or two? Bangari, even though it is still officially in it’s “launch phase” -can boast about our authors and editors.  We have writers on our team who have been published in print, and were producing content professionally, for pro-money, before I was a twinkle in my father’s eye. No age cracks intended. We are definitely an equal opportunity organization. There is absolutely no bigotry of any kind allowed in our business model. Although, we are careful that we don’t hog tie ourselves with political correctness either.

So, allow me to say this: We want senior citizens! A very true Greek proverb states:

“An eagle’s wisdom is worth a sparrow’s youth.”

If you are at a chapter in the book of your life where you are on Social Security, and could use some up-to-your-limit supplemental income…Great! If you are a senior-aged human being, you’ve logged enough hours on the planet to know that this world could stand to be a little smarter. So instead of complaining about it’s ignorence, why not educate it instead? What better way to do that than publishing your own vast, accumulated knowledge in exchange for a little of the world’s gold?

I will only request that out of respect for those of us who don’t collect SSI benefits, and the way things are going, probably never will, that you refrain from trading that knowledge, now in the form of content, for the equivalent of  $3 per hour for the time and effort to produce it. Get to your limit at a minimum of .03 per word, and then if you want to give it away (I’ll take some!) go ahead, just be careful you are not “cutting anyone’s throat” -as far as those of us trying to make a living wage, and possibly  even a retirement of our own at this writing stuff are concerned. We could lead you to some good pro bono projects. Click here to apply: Bangari will get you paid well for your knowledge!

Promoting our content: (click here for index to SEO strategies and other tech tips)

“If I just create quality content, I will draw a huge number of page views.”

No you won’t! Even professional content producers in print and television media will tell you that writing quality is only half the battle. Promoting it (to a potential publisher) is the other half. Then just think, the publisher has to promote that publication to the world at large. So maybe in that sense, writing quality stuff is only a third of it.

A big and recent change in “sharing knowledge” has been made possible by the invention of the Internet. No kidding, right? Scrolls, codex, printing press, radio, television, recorded media, Internet…That has been the evolution of the technology that spreads information. Today, if you want information shared all over, you have other options besides: telegraph, telephone, television, tell a woman (just joking ladies!)

The Internet provides a means of allowing anyone to publish! We are creating a giant library in cyberspace, that anyone with a connection can visit and contribute to. Soon, that connection will be free to all. This library is far beyond the “Dewey Decimal System”…That indexing system has been replaced by the “Search Engine.” However, where it only took me one class in the fifth grade to learn how to use the Dewey Decimal system, I’ve been studying Google for years -and I’m still learning. In my forties, and having always loved research and knowledge, I consider the search engine a gift to mankind, and an accomplishment as great as space travel. Greater, if you consider it’s practicality and availability to all people.

I’m proud to say that I’ve made past predictions about future behavior of these search engines that have recently come true since the Panda / Farmer change has decimated the content farms. Those who have published on these and earned revenue may have noticed a sudden decrease in those earnings. This is due to this major change in search engine algorithms, and the decrease in traffic that it has caused to these types of sites. I have another prediction, and this time a plan to go with it, that if it is successful, will make the publications of all those who “get in early” untouchable by other’s, still grasping at tricks to fool these now much smarter robots into returning their results at the top of the page. We will dominate! Our stuff will come up above the fold without using any gimmicks. We will work with these search engines, and in line with the vision of a company like Google. We won’t  game them..

Read about the death of content farms like Ezine Articles and Factoidz: click here.

Promoting ourselves: (click here to find out how this is done fairly and ethically at Bangari)

Project Exodus to Content Farms: Let my people go!

It’s all about the creator, not so much the creation. Bangari puts the writer first. We will not take possession of any one’s intellectual property. I have over 200 pieces of content published on Factoidz, that I have been cut off from by the owner, Mike Quoc, and he is keeping every penny of revenue that my content is currently generating -which is currently half of what it used to earn. If you have a similar situation, follow me. I have a serious “Moses complex” that if you take advantage of, will lead you to the Promised Land! Join Bangari’s “Project Exodus”…

Project Exodus is a system that will allow you to migrate your content to other places on the Web where you can keep total ownership and control and earn much greater revenue from it. I’m being very transparent about this endeavor, and fear that my ideas might be stolen soon by someone with more resources to make it happen. But, oh well…I’m still a big believer in grass roots movements, and besides, I will be keeping a couple tools in the box. If we are quick, committed and smart…we can make this work. We can free ourselves of the power of publishers, Web masters and Internet con artists who try to keep us as slaves with pay commensurate with our position…long after they took away our straw to make their bricks. Here is some info about it, until we can transplant more here on our Bangari Content Gallery site: Project Exodus


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