Advantages of a Multi-Authored Blog or Website

First of all, blogs and Websites have virtually become one and the same. It used to be that a blog was more dynamic, and a Website was static. In other words, you would be expected to update a blog regularly, like a newspaper publication. A Website needed to be packed with information, properly organized, and easily accessed -like a reference publication, updated yearly or quarterly.What is so great about a multi-authored blog or Website?

People {desiring to draw|wanting} traffic to their domain soon realized that attaching or linking a blog to their site, and keeping that blog regularly updated as they kept their Website well designed, neatly formatted and eye-appealing was the way to get noticed by indexing robots and increase their site’s ranking. Remember, regular updates to the blog was essential, and of course, the blog had to be linked up to the site. Easier said than done, because an individual has only so much time, and a limited skills in certain areas if IT.

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So there you have it: Multi authored domains rock, simply because they have more people to provide regular updates, as well as the ability to put certain individuals in charge of certain aspects of all that’s involved with Internet Publishing Technology. IPT?. This enables everyone to realize the power of “strength in numbers” and be a part of a group effort. This multi-authored approach to content production is like being in a band vs. being a decent song writer with a good voice. Being a “solo artist” even with those two skills, is no match for the group when it comes to the ability to produce a complete piece of content, presentable and marketable to an audience.

Multi-authored sites, besides updating, have many other advantages:Community effort: Community is the keyword there. How mind-numbingly boring it would be to clickity-clack at the computer all day and night, without any social interaction? Lonely. Depressing. Even the tiny bit of interaction there may be in addressing comments on articles posted on content farms, still pegs out the boring meter, like being a toll booth worker.

Note: Always smile and say a kind word to toll booth workers.

Community research and development: When problems arise and solutions are needed, a member can break away from a group project, investigate, report, draw advice about, and solve them. In the meantime, the show goes on without them, and there is no interruption of daily posts and moderating or overall production.

Proofing Partners: There are always others available if not also to co-create and co-write, at least to proof read and comment.

I’m going to close this post with just those three additional advantages that we at Bangari Content Gallery enjoy as a multi authored site. There are many more! A good tip for blog posts, and articles on a subject, is to keep them under 1000 words (I should follow my own rule, I know!) yet, be more than 400. So I’ll save some other advantages to talk about in a later (under 1000 words) post, that will expand on “Proofing Partners” and include “Spinning Partners.” As Martha Jette points out, it’s helpful to have others pitch in when hand flat spinning.


2 responses to “Advantages of a Multi-Authored Blog or Website

  1. I’ve read some about spinning. Are spun articles allowed by many companies, or is it still fairly new so that companies aren’t either for or against it yet?

  2. It’s more like they “don’t allow” duplicate content. They want fresh content. Anytime you post a piece of content you produced, you should spin and edit and tweak a bit for each site you post on. If you want to sell “bulk content” you should learn an automated spinner like The Best Spinner. We sell them here on Bangari. Most SEOs want bulk content in flat spun format. Do you know how to do that? What sites do you post to?

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