Buy Unique Article Writing Robot Here:

Here is the robot you’ve heard spoken of at Bangari.

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One response to “Buy Unique Article Writing Robot Here:

  1. I’ve been blogging, and writing articles online for a few years. Much of my content is posted on content farms like and Now that Panda / Farmer change at Google has devalued those sites, my content posted there is stranded. It’s a big no-no to post duplicate content. More now than ever before, content is king, ORIGINAL content, that is. If the searchbots see an article I wrote two years ago, reposted on my own domain (where it should have been posted in the first place) or here at Bangari -they will hate the site where they see it “reposted.”

    That sucks considering since as it is now, the bots hate the content farms where the originals have been posted for months and even years.

    Use this software developed by Jonathan Leger, to spin those old articles into fresh ORIGINAL content to sell to Websites, or post versions of the article on your own domains where you keep ALL of the revenue -and have total control of your own intellectual property. This “TBS Robot” as we call it will spin out multiple versions of that original article so you will be able to post them all over -including one here at Bangari Content Gallery (please) :-). We’ll even show you how to do it. …you can even post a spun out version at the content farms if you want.

    I like this tool, and Jonathan is a genuinely good guy. See what this article spinner can do!

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