Communication Hubs at Bangari

I don’t think we should have the blog at this stage, we have too many communication hubs and the growing pains don’t need to be public. I think if we had the private Google site as the team’s-chat/planning/discussing/posting work area and then our only public face being the Gallery that would be better until everything is organized.


Petal Mashraki makes two good point here: Communication confusion and public vs. private communications.

Communication confusion

We certainly don’t want too many ways to disseminate information. Multiple communication hubs will lead to much important information being missed. We also need to be careful about our “Webutation” –Online reputation management. Certain growing pains, along with smart ideas that fall under the “trade secret” category, do not need to be publicized to our potential customers and competitors.

However, there is a reason to have multiple forums that span the gap between public and private forums; in a word: link-love. See what we have set up now. When we utilize these seven hubs of communication, we are by natural use, doing what “Black Hat SEOers” call building a link wheel. Each “spoke” is a link coming into Bangari from a source that has relevant content being added to it regularly. This is the new SEO. It has much more to do with Social Networking, and it’s much tougher to “game” Google’s robots. It has to happen naturally, or the robot’s will detect it and call it “spam”

We have seven communication hubs currently tied to Bangari:

Bangari Content Gallery (public, top level domain WordPress site)

This is our public face. First, we promote our Content Producers. This is why your name is placed at the top of the front page. We put our team members who produce the content before the content itself. We are not “link greedy” like other sites who only allow limited linking to promote what authors do on their own domains. We want to gather quality incoming links, avoid broken links, and have proper, relevant outgoing links. See: “Please Link Responsibly.” We want to be Search Engine Optimized for ourselves, our site, all the topics we produce content about here at Bangari, with the spotlight on the authors that produce it.

Bangari Content Studio (private Google site)

This is where we can communicate in private. Although it’s important to be able to do this under certain circumstances, it is always a bit counter-productive. Why? Because any content is good content. It all has value. Granted, we can’t sell a long, drawn out argument about a CP’s hurt feelings and how they got that way. However, all that correspondence word count, stocked with relevant keywords then linked to Bangari Content Gallery does amazing things for SEO results and site ranking -when it’s on a blog allowed to be indexed. Bangari’s studio site (private) bans robots, so like email, will do nothing to “buzz up” Bangari. You can only get on it by invitation -for Bangari Team Members only.

Bangari Content Studio Blog (indexed Blogger site)

This is what I consider “quasi-public.” Consider it much like the kitchen attached to the dining area of a restaurant. Customers could walk in and see chefs scrambling to get orders up as they bicker and gripe with servers and each other. Just like a restaurant, the customers at Bangari will not go back there -unless they take a wrong turn on their way to the restroom. They could stumble on our tiffs, but probably won’t be interested. If they are considering joining our team, I would prefer that they have all this correspondence to pour through in order to make an informed decision.

They don’t have to agree with our philosophy, or join us. However, if they agree with our business model, our transparency policy and like our collective “personality” and join us -There will be less of a chance for disagreement down the road.

Banagari Content Gallery (Blog

This is the free blog that comes with a WordPress account. We will use this blog to post a spun out version of whatever we post on the Gallery. This will give us a nice “chronological record” of our many future posts at our multi-authored site, and give us some extra “link-love.”

Facebook “Freelance writers group”

Jerry Started a group on Facebook. We should all join. He also set up a group for Factoidz. I remain a member of that even though I’m no fan of Factoidz. This is because I remain a fan of many of the contributors to this site, and look forward to working with them at some point here on Bangari. Social networking is great for networking with content producers and potential customers. It also makes for quality back links when these pages are linked to Bangari Content Gallery.


I will keep a “Team Bangari” list of email addresses. I will also make sure that everyone is following these sites by email, so when a new post comes around, everyone will be notified. I try to keep out of email. I’ve been accused of being “ unapproachable” like Mike Quoc of Factoidz because of this, but that might be a bit unfair. Please try to understand that I can only type so many words per day, and so I have to keep away from one on one conversations as much as possible. Plus, most of what happens in email should happen on the BCS blog.

I need to be a productive member of the team too. I’m shooting for completing 10 posts today! This one came from a question that Petal Mashraki asked (in box above) in an email that took me over five days to answer. But see, I’m creating a post with my belated answer -killing two stones with one bird 😉

*”Mine” your emails and documents for original content!

Google Docs

As we collaborate on these bodies of content, we will be working in Google Docs, –computing in the Cloud at it’s finest! There is a comment section on the top right (drop down) of each document that is being collaborated on. Please keep all production information (word count, name of author) at the top of the doc, as we have been. However, all comments and communications about the Document need to take place in the comments section of the Doc.

Everything else

We can speak to each other on many other platforms like our personal blogs, personal facebook accounts, content farm accounts, and even the telephone and in person. Feel free to use any of these forums. However, love it or hate it, we have a transparency policy here at Bangari. Let’s try our best to respect that, as we respect each other. We don’t have a policy that says “say something nice or don’t say anything at all.” So while being friendly, let’s not be afraid to offer true constructive criticism. Let’s accept it gracefully as well.

Transparency Policy

This means that you need a skin that’s a little thicker than what’s normally required in the online presence business. It’s much more like a “real office.” Unlike the content farms, we want a perfect blend of compliments and constructive criticism. If we comment on our fellow content producer’s posts on the Gallery, the comment should include a few of the keywords in that article. It should add information and word count (that you will also get paid for, because we sell this content for use on some client’s Web site “pre-commented-on” -Brilliant, huh? 😉 So to summarize:

1) Do not criticize the article posted on Bangari Content Gallery from a “content production standpoint,” (do that in comments on the Google Docs) Do not have any  “writer to writer” correspondence, (do that on the Blog and the Private site). Just add relevant content to these posts. Use a “voice” that is compatible with the subject matter and “voice” of the article. Be mindful of street language. It belongs in some comments, and absolutely does not in others. Remember, we are selling this stuff later.

2) The forum for more “personal / team dialog” is the quasi-public Bangari Content Studio Blog and the private Bangari Content Studio Google Site. Talk openly, squabbles and tiffs included, about earnings and sales and production rates and what a freak show Kevin Leland is 😉 Transparency: The freedom to compare notes for more efficient cooperation. This is where topic threads will remain -documenting the building of this site…So that when we are rich and famous, we’ll be able to sell the story about how we got rich and famous, and that story can be mined out of these sites…See, I’m always thinking ahead. Just hardly getting any…

3) Where this is the place for “shop talk/kitchen talk” it can include all sorts of shop/kitchen language and potty humor. (reference the above joke ;-D) I’ve had the profanity / censorship argument with the best of them, and I’m open to debate it here at Bangari (Blog). I think Julie Powell set the precedent in 2002 when her blog, that contained some “F” words, was turned into a movie starring Meryl Streep. It’s okay as a blogger to swear. Disagree? Agree and have more to say? Quote this on the Bangari Blog and start / join the thread.

We’ll come up with more rules to this policy, so that it can be made to work in a real way. I’m sure common sense and common decency will prevail, and this short list of etiquette expectations will be enough to go on for now.


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