Google Docs: How to spin with “find and replace” feature

This article explains how to use the “find and replace” feature included free in Google Docs, much like the data merge feature of The Best Spinner robot does, to hand flat spin content like crazy. This edit feature of Google Docs, is actually a built-in robot spinner. The Best Spinner has a lot more tools and features, obviously, but this free Docs tool is perfect for prepping the article for the robot.

Data merging comes into play in the example below, that will show you step by step how to spin content. This article that Natasha wrote is about letting your bird fly free indoors, safely. This RSA file is being constructed so that we can produce content for Vermont Pet Services. We have an order for $100 of content per month for 6 months. We are going to be selling spun out articles, 80% original, appx 400-1000 words. About thirty percent of this content is going to be “Vermont Specific.” This same “find and replace” feature will work to change a body of “Vermont Pet Services” content into “Arizona Pet Services, Rhode Island, etc.” content. It’s cool! You’ll see.

Remember, the TBS Robot has a feature that allows the spinner to take the first selection of each string in the pipes | | , then the second, and so on, in succession, as opposed to the usual random selection within each pair of parenthesis. So in Natasha Polak’s  article below, I’ve used the “find and replace” in the drop down “Edit” menu as a sort of data merge feature that comes with the spinning robot, as a short cut to prepare her article for the robot. This will make a piece of original content specific to each type of bird. The robot will spit out five with just a couple clicks, from the RSA file. Cool huh? It get’s better…

Extinct Carolina Parakeet

Image via Wikipedia

But I don’t want to get diarrhea of the mouse here, like I’m known to do, so let me just show you how to do this already! 🙂

Natasha typed out:

{bird|cockatiel|parrot|conure|macaw} If she knew this trick she could have just used the words, in brackets: {bird}, {birds}, {Bird}, {Birds}

Letting Your Bird Fly Free

If you have a pet {bird|cockatiel|parrot|conure|macaw}, he or she should have a cage.  Does that mean you must keep your pet caged up all the time?  Not at all.

So I edited the RSA file to look like this:

Letting Your Bird Fly Free

If you have a pet {bird}, he or she should have a cage.  Does that mean you must keep your pet caged up all the time?  Not at all.

Then I added this at the top of the RSA:

{bird} = {bird|cockatiel|parrot|conure|macaw|parakeet|canary|finch}

{Bird} = {Bird|Cockatiel|Parrot|Conure|Macaw|Parakeet|Canary|Finch}

{birds} = {birds|cockatiels|parrots|conures|macaws|parakeets|finches}

{Birds} = {Birds|Cockatiels|Parrots|Conures|Macaws|Parakeets|Finches}

Now when I do a find an replace for each, I save a ton of typing, and the whole document looks like this:

Letting Your Bird Fly Free: If you have a pet {bird|cockatiel|parrot|conure|macaw|parakeet|canary|finch}, he or she should have a cage.  Does that mean you must keep your pet caged up all the time?  Not at all.  In fact,  {birds|cockatiels|parrots|conures|macaws|parakeets|canaries|finches} need ample flying time each day, so that they can exercise their wings without the restriction of cage bars, perches, and toys.  A cage is needed for sleeping in at night, or when you are not at home.  Having a cage also helps keeping messes made from eating and {bird|cockatiel|parrot|conure|macaw|parakeet|canary|finch} {poopie-doopie|excrement|droppings|poop} more contained to a central location that you can easily clean -rather than ruining your furniture and flooring.

To do a find and replace, just drop down the edit menu in Google Docs, and select it. Input {bird} in the “find” box and then having already copied the:{bird|cockatiel|parrot|conure|macaw|parakeet|canary|finch} after the {bird}=Paste that in the “replace with” box. Make sure you select “Match case” then hit the “Replace all” button. There you go!

Another benefit of doing it this way, is that if for instance, we updated the list of birds and added more types of birds, the find and replace could easily be done once again with the new, longer, updated list.

To find out more about the TBS Robot:


6 responses to “Google Docs: How to spin with “find and replace” feature

  1. Thanks for pointing all that out! I’m still new to this spinner stuff!

  2. I’m going to go and try this.

  3. What went wrong Teeka?

  4. Did you do this Blog yourself because it looks very professional? I found your blog on Yahoo

    • Yes I did. Thanks for the compliment. Web design isn’t my strong point. I think WordPress makes it easy. Blogger is another platform that gets better and easier as time goes by. Filling sites with quality content is more my forte. Would you like to join us?

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