The Birth of Bangari Bucks!

Petal Mashraki suggested that before we go too much further, we must have a payment system. I’ve been working very hard on an algorithm (man, don’t I sound all mathematical?) It’s done. I’m sure after Google buys Bangari for a few hundred million, they will want to tweak it a bit. But for now, it will work well to keep us all in charge of our work, and receiving a fair share of the revenue it draws.

Maybe before we get any further we should get the payment system finalized.

a) shared passive revenue -(ads on gallery, affiliated sales etc) and

b) sold content -which the division of profits here is easier – what you write you earn

Project Exodus as I understood it: the articles could be worked on/spun, we keep a record of our work at the top of the Doc, and then when and if the article is sold the earnings are calculated – am I right?


I hope this post, and the posts attached to it, explains the system well enough. Some of you may not get it, which I’m sure is my fault for not explaining it correctly, but hang in there to see it in action. Take a little leap of faith, and produce like you’re getting $100 per article. You are! It’s just that the nature of online content revenue is that it usually takes months and years to collect its value.

Series of 1917 $1 United States bill

Image via Wikipedias

That’s why it sells so cheaply when “ghostwritten.” The person purchasing it expects a quick return on their investment. Content producers sell out to these people, because they can’t afford to live off the “interest” (as in money) that their article will produce over time. They need groceries now! So, many content producers are forced to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs -and eat that goose.

payment system is a way to deal with that. It combines passive revenue earnings with sales of spun-out versions of content, from our mutually owned RSA files, edited and customized. We will dabble in prefabing entire Websites, stocked with content that we create and contribute to, and selling them outright for thousands of dollars. As the work progresses, articles are posted strategically around the Web to get us lots of link-love, which will get us lots of traffic, that will equal lots of passive revenue and potential customers.

Where this payment system may work differently than you were expecting, is that we all get paid out of the revenue that Bangari collects on all of it’s content, whether the piece we worked on is the one that was sold or the one that collected passive revenue. It will still be distributed by “what we wrote” -meaning, the payout in cash (the amount of Bangari Bucks you can exchange for American Dollars) will be proportional to the amount of content you have produced for Bangari. It makes writing on speculation much less risky. Not to mention, it makes the accounting much less of a nightmare.

Some people don’t like collaborating or pooling resources. People are very attached to their art. They might say to themselves:

“I don’t like how Kevin Leland spun the last three sentences of my piece about colostomy bags. It just goes against everything I stand for as a literary artist to use the word ‘perhaps’ more than once in 500 words.”

Here is where a person needs to get over themselves. The stuff we collaborate on at Bangari, I expect, is going to be much like what we have done so far -very commercial. On topics like medical supplies (we really did content on colostomy bags and catheters -with more to do) nothing to get all teary-eyed and sentimental about. It’s word count. It pays the bills. It’s creative, yes, but I don’t think we are ever going to hear:

“This years Pulitzer Prize goes to Natasha Polak for her article -‘How to stop your dog from eating his own feces.’”

But also keep in mind that your name and links to all of your personal, individually produced projects, that are much closer to your heart, are on the front pages of Bangari. As we work hard together on the commercial stuff, to rank this site, our more artistic content gets lot’s of attention. So, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about Natasha Polak winning an award for her book, “Love, God”…and no one would even mention her day-job at Bangari!

Links to content explaining the Bangari Bucks System:



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  1. That one made me laugh! Point taken 🙂

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