Please Link Responsibly

By Kevin Leland
Let’s talk linking. To be different than the masses, let’s not focus on strategic linking, but instead let’s discuss responsible linking. Let’s learn everything we can about the pleasures and dangers of linking, and how to avoid making fools of ourselves when we link. If you are at an age where you can link legally, and have been invited to a social gathering where there will be lots of linking going on, then it’s important to {learn|know} the ins and outs, with  tips to mind your behavior.



Binge Linking vs. Social Linking

You have probably heard me discuss at length the death of the content farms. If you haven’t, then read this post by clicking here. The Google algorithm changes that have caused the demise of sites like Factoidz and Ezine Articles, has opened the door for a better way. The Panda change has also done damage to the practice of binge linking, which happens to a nauseating extent at the counter-parts to content farms. These cohorts are called “link farms.”

The difference between social linking and binge linking, and it’s negative effects can be probably be described best in this allegory:

Tom is at a party. He has been here for about two hours, has had a good meal first, and is consuming alcohol at his usual rate of less than two beers per hour. He has a slight buzz, and is feeling laid back as he gracefully socializes with other social drinkers like himself. Dick is swilling the booze. He thinks that if a little alcohol loosens him up, and gets him in the mood for enjoying a party, a lot of alcohol will be that much better. Wrong answer. After Tom and Harry have an enjoyable conversation interrupted by Dick’s obnoxious banter, they part ways. Later, Dick throws the ultimate wet blanket on the good times when he is discovered babbling and barely conscious on the bathroom floor, in a puddle of his own regurgitated spiked punch.

Think before you link

Linking is an amazing literary tool that allows a type of reading and research that isn’t possible in text books. Loosely comparable to “foot notes,” linking makes it possible for the reader to dig deeper into the information being presented -if they choose.

A good set of links within Internet content can improve the quality of that content substantially. Search Engine Robots recognize this, so they check out all of your links. If they find that they connect to relevant content, they smile. If they see that the links coming into your content are from high ranking sites and their quality content, they jump up and down and cheer.

After a long night of linking, clean up the place!

The party is over. For the most part, it was great. Lot’s of people enjoyed it. When Tom and Harry came back early the next day, without the slightest hangover, and started collecting up the empties -and even cleaned the mess Dick made, what do you think the host thought? These guys rock, how responsible can you get?! They are definitely invited to the next shindig, while Dick can go crash some other party.

Like empty beer cans, links that don’t connect to anything are not useful to anyone. If they are half empty with a cigarette butt floating, they are even less useful, because you have to pour it out, and shake out the butt before you can cash it in for the deposit.

Sites and the content in them, over time, get moved or deleted. This makes the links “dead.” Robots don’t like dead links. If it sees too many, it will consider your site a dump. The thing is, a robot may see them, but to humans, a hyper link won’t appear broken. It has to be clicked through before it is discovered to be dead. offers a site analysis that indicates where any broken links exist. These analyzers do a bunch of other things, like, cost money… Eventually, here at Bangari, we may be able to buy one of these awesome site evaluations. In the meantime, let’s be like Tom and Harry, and do the clean up ourselves.

WordPress serves top shelf links

WordPress has an awesome built in linking tool. Use it to link (or not) many terms and keywords at the click of a button. These instantly create good outgoing links. Remember, quality incoming links take a bit more time and effort, but they are worth it. Factoidz started with a few incoming links, and were ranked in the tens of millions, then about three years later, they were ranked in the thousands, and had about 2,500 incoming links. Also, robots don’t really count the additional links coming in from the same site. By all means, if it is helpful and relevant, use them, but just know how it’s evaluated by the bots. Oh, and of course…

Never link and drive!


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