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This process (below) has changed! It is in desperate need of simplification and rewriting. I want to leave this post here as a ‘foundation.’ But, unless you want to do the updating, don’t waste your time reading it…

WordPress makes it easy to post. That doesn’t mean that it is easy for everyone! Hence this post. I’m looking for people who can do this better and more efficiently than I can. WordPress makes some of the posting steps, like adding links, related articles and photos automatic. I like this. However, I am having a lot of trouble with spacing and italics showing up where they are not supposed to, and I’ve also noticed that if I “bold” text in the Google Doc, when I paste it to BCG, the bold disappears an I have to do it over again in the WordPress editor.

Here is what we start with, and the finished product we are going for:

1.We copy and paste the text in the RSA into the TBS Robot. I have to say, “Kudos” to all you awesome spinners! These have been going through the robot with no problems, not a single missing bracket.

2.Click on “Spun article” This is a spun out version that will be pasted and posted on BCG.

2.1 Make a new Doc, named SPV # (Title) Copy the SPV here, and add: Posted by (name) on (site posted) on (date)

2.2 Edit in the Doc if you would like, but I’ve noticed that bold and italics go a little haywire  when copied from Docs, and pasted into WordPress. (Solution Suggestions?)

3.Copy and Paste into the WordPress editor on BCG. Be sure to use “New Page” not “New Post” when opening this.

4.Add a byline, the name of the Author, and link that persons name to their page on Bangari.

5.Add a Title. Choose your words carefully. Think SEO.

6.Add 3-4 pictures. You can drag an drop them from the “Zamanta” feature on WordPress. You can get free pictures (Wiki Commons) which is great. Our goal is to replace Wiki-Pics, with our own Bangari originals, one by one as we build a photo library. (Under Development)

7.Add “This Content is for Sale” pic -you will find it in the Gallery. Make sure it links to “Purchasing Content at Bangari” You will find that page under “JOIN US.” You can also find a drop down of all pages and posts on Bangari, or use the “search box” they provide.

8.Add Links. They will give you a bunch to choose from. You can select them all, or choose the ones you want.

8.1 Add Links to terms and especially other articles or topics that are referenced in the piece, to other Bangari content.

9.Add “Related Articles.” These can also be added automatically. Zamanta gives you some selections. Read them over first. These links could draw the people from those blogs to work with us, or buy content from us, or just show us some reciprocal link-love.

9.1 Add Related Articles that we have done at Bangari.

10.Proof read and spell check with the help of the editing tool. It even calls out passive voice and complex expressions -truly amazing! Reference articles are often in the passive voice, but when you can find ways of writing reference articles using more “personal voice” and adding more subjects in sentences, all the better.

10.1 Make sure you attach the page to the correct “parent.” This is key to {organizing|arranging|indexing} our content on the Gallery. You will find the drop down on the right.

11.Publish, and then proof the published piece carefully…No mistakes! If you find errors, go back into the editor and fix them. Sometimes it helps to make adjustments in HTML. You don’t need to know a lot about HTML to change the size of pictures, and when you do stuff like that, you feel like a real programmer, writing “code.” lol

12.Got to the author’s “page” and update their “topics” to include the new title, and hyper link that title to the article.

*Note: always try to select the check box “open on another page” unless it’s the “to purchse content” link from the “THIS CONTENT IS FOR SALE” picture. The same goes for ads to sell the robot.


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