Real Life Bangari Bucks Scenario

Real life scenario applied to the Bangari Bucks algorithm
I’ve sold $5,000 worth of content since I started Bangari four months ago. Martha Jette earned $1,000.00 in a few weeks at a rate of nearly $30.00 per hour @ .03 per word. About nine weeks after she completed the first piece of content, she and the other Bangari team members who contributed to this project, were paid for all of it. Bangari used the 25% markup to pay Sally a project manager fee and Kevin (myself) a sales / agent commission. I didn’t pay myself anything for the intense accounts receivable efforts…that was for sport. LOL

Now that’s good money, everyone agrees. Cash money, pretty much right away. I will pursue more, and thanks to that last company we worked with, I have some good leads -in fact, over 50. We have to set up a few more things, including getting everyone’s head around these general concepts of Bangari, so we can get into the nitty-gritty, and start producing and earning like crazy. I have some other cash generators lined up too. I can’t wait to roll this thing out! (Bangari Bucks, as Petal pointed out to me, is really the last piece of the puzzle)

So, let’s pretend that I had this Bangari Bucks system in place before I got these cash paying contracts. This is how it would have worked, and this is how it will work going forward:

The Bangari Team produced 125,000 words (= a novel) mostly in the form of RSA files (Raw Spun Articles) Collaboratively (wiki-style) There were a small percentage of original articles sold as well.

125,000 words = 125,000 credits = 12,500 Bangari Bucks (bb12,500)

Add to that, 25% mark up = 31,250 credits = bb 3,125.00 (.01 per word on .03 per word in cash )

That comes to a total of = bb 15,625

Now because we can’t buy bananas with Bangari Bucks, here’s how the cash will go down:

Those 15,625 Bangari Bucks can be partially cashed in. Bangari took in $5000 (real dollars) then distributed that by “buying back” a percentage ($5000 / bb 15,625 = .32) of those Bangari Bucks,  for real dollars – 32% for $1.00 per Bangari Buck.

For instance, Martha Jette produced 33,500 words for Bangari, and earned 3,350 Bangari Bucks. Buying back 32% of those Bangari Bucks for $1.00 each means each word produced and sold earned .03 for the authors and left money to pay for site costs, manager and sales agent fees. Buying back 32% Martha’s Bangari Bucks, for $1.00 each meant $1,092.00 for Martha.

Everyone who produces content for Bangari, will have a form, called their “Trade Table” It is password protected, but for now, you can get to it from the drop down in your name on the front page of the BCG. Temp Password: Use your first name, first letter capitalized, to see your form. Then, email me your updated password.

*This form will tell you how many Bangari Bucks you have remaining in your account after any cash payouts.

**The Children’s Miracle Network is a charity that will receive payouts based on “abandoned” Bangari Bucks.

What’s cool is that Martha Jette, after earning that cash, is still left with 2,548 Bangari Bucks to cash in next time a revenue distribution is done. I think we should do these payouts monthly, starting November 1, 2011. She will produce more content, and earn more credits, and as her new stuff starts to earn revenue, her old content, that she collaborated on with everyone else, still has sales and earnings potential, and she’ll get a share of it like the rest of the team based on how much she has contributed to the site as a whole -old stuff and new.

Bangari Content Gallery is left with all the RSA files that the team collaborated to produce. These can still be added to, altered and used to produce unique, spun out versions of articles on these topics posted first on Bangari Gallery with multimedia, for sale, and also to collect passive revenue to be distributed among the Bangari Team according to our “Bangari Bucks” holdings, like outlined above.

Then, unique spun out versions can be placed on our own blogs and sites, to collect revenue there, and help raise our personal sites ranking by having a lot of fresh content to post. Because these sites are linked to everyone elses on the Bangari team, and then linked to Bangari, it will help Bangari Content Gallery’s ranking as well. It gets better…

We then place spun out versions at the content farms to scrape up whatever slim pickings they are offering people to produce original articles for them from scratch, piece by piece. This gets a lot of unique, albeit re-hashed content out there belonging to our “co-op” Bangari Content Gallery, covering a wide range of keywords, making it difficult for anyone interested in those keywords to produce a version that will pass Copy Scape, thereby dominating certain keywords and topics. This makes it cheaper and easier for those needing that content to buy it from us rather than produce it themselves. It gets better…

*Oh, and don’t worry, I have a good answer to the “rehashed” comment, describing our work: Rehashed Content -Why it’s a good thing.

If they just purchase it from us, because it was first hung up in our “Gallery” collecting comments, backlinks and passive revenue, we can sell them this stuff for use on their site with comments, links and two kitchen sinks included! I’m talkin’ all “Pre SEOed” After the sale we will redirect any links to those titles coming into Bangari to the Website of the client -who will most likely want fresh content on a continuing basis from us. What’s great about selling this stuff by the word with comments included, is that we are selling words that we didn’t even write. They are just part of a conversation that we initiated with our article and probably carried on in an a very enjoyable way. It gets better…

We can replace sold content with another set of spun out versions of each article and start the process all over again. We can also take the final “speculative step” and assemble these sets of content, with comments, all pre-SEOed on websites of their own, that members of Bangari can help us design and set up thereby selling complete Web sites, for thousands of dollars (real dollars) to be distributed by the method I just described in this lengthy post.

Why is rehashed content not considered “Web Pollution?”

Click here for the answer.

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2 responses to “Real Life Bangari Bucks Scenario

  1. So according to this, we can expect to be paid every month? I’ve never really been clear on this. I have catheter content that I cannot enter into my trade table because there is no place for it. Where do I put them where I can get credit for them?

  2. No. Not unless we get revenue every month. It makes more sense to make a disbursement whenever we take in some money, at least while we are getting started. Later, for the sake of organization, and to make the accounting easier, we will do a monthly payment.

    I have to ask everyone to be patient. We are like a store that only has a small fraction of their inventory on the shelves, and the rest is in boxes. We can’t expect big payments like the one we got from Billy’s July Project, until I start my “content sales campaign.” I can’t start that until we have all our brand new systems running smoothly, and enough SPVs posted so we have samples to show all the different companies we will be pursuing, and hopefully contracting with.

    I’ll update your trade table, I thought I did? Just document everything you do. No “freebies” nothing “on the house” As revenue comes in, from anywhere, it doesn’t have to be connected to your particular piece of content, it will be shared with you in proportion to the amount of content you have worked to produce for Bangari.

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