Rehashed content and robot spinning: Why it’s a good thing!

When I first imagined where this content production thing was going, I thought that certain authors would produce really good articles and like a song writer, they would get paid “royalties” by all the sites that used that piece, like a radio station pays the performer. That worked great for intellectual property before the Internet. But to do it that way on this forum would be using an old way to do a new thing.What the Internet is hungry for is as much content as it can hold. It can analyze and index as much as it can hold…And it can hold an amount that is beyond what we can upload to it, and is quickly approaching an almost limitless amount. So the only thing the Net doesn’t want for content, is duplicate content. It doesn’t just want a picture of that antique…It wants one from every angle. It wants the same thing explained in as many different voices and points of view and in as many different ways as possible.

Why does the Internet want “rehashed” content ?

First: because it’s possible to store, analyze and index a lot more than what is being contributed now. Don’t think like these organization freaks who waste their time

Six hard disk drives with cases opened showing...

Image via Wikipedia

 deleting emails to make room on a hard drive that they have had for two years and haven’t even used 20% of. The same topic restated different ways, or “re-hashed” is not “polluting the Internet.” That’s like saying the creek is getting polluted with spring water, by the spring that contributes to it.Second: Because as technology advances, these many versions of the same thing are going to be invaluable for artificial intelligence and other amazing things that are going to come from even greater advances in search engine technology, especially now that people are putting more stuff in the Cloud and hiding less stuff on their hard drives. We need to reproduce our content, including our multimedia stuff, as many different ways as possible and make it available for the robots to play with by posting it online, strategically. Petal’s Ketubah project is going to school us all on the advantages to getting our content, certain content, reproduced in other languages. And I’m working on a way to apply the data merge feature available on our TBS robots to that Ketubah Project Petal thunk up! Wait till you see how well that project is going to do! Remember folks, it’s the “World Wide” Web, so let’s pursue a world wide audience!



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