by C. L. Summers

So what does it mean to be celibate in today’s society?

In today’s world, we are proffered many reasons why we should be engaging in sexual intercourse outside the sanctity of marriage. We are constantly being barraged with images of fit bodies and sexual innuendos in almost every facet of our daily life. Advertisements for automobiles with the possibility to attract the attention of the opposite sex to articles on how to improve your sex life are plastered across the cover of many magazines in the supermarket checkout aisles. Sex and the enticement to “do it” is everywhere. We’re told about how wonderful and great it is and the power that it gives to those who are good at plying their artful skills in the bedroom. Fact is, all of this and many other things that we hear about the joys of sex are true for many people. But what about those of us that prefer to wait till marriage to partake in sexual intercourse?

When was the last time that you saw a magazine cover in the supermarket or drug store that encourages you to be celibate and wait until marriage before engaging in sex? Chances are you haven’t, nor will you likely see one in the near future. The fact of the matter is that sex sells, celibacy doesn’t! When you weigh the number of people (for the purposes of this article, we’re speaking of single people), having sex far outweighs the number of us that don’t have sex outside of marriage. But the tide is shifting!

In the year of 2011, there is a new sexual revolution emerging, the Celibacy Movement. Now what exactly is the celibacy movement? It’s a new approach to how many people view sexual intercourse and its place in their life. People are choosing to wait until they have a spouse to have sex. The reasons for waiting vary from person to person. Some choose to wait as a part of various religious beliefs. Others are waiting because they recognize the negative impacts of having sex with someone who isn’t fully and completely invested in them and their well-being.  There are people who chose this route for health reasons that prevent them from engaging in the activity, a need for emotional healing from past relationships and or internal self esteem issues serve as the driving force for the change to wait.

Whatever the reason, whether celibacy is a voluntary or involuntary decision, it is a decision that is made by one’s self or made by others for your life. So what exactly is involved in celibacy and what does it mean to be celibate today? Celibacy is the absence of sexual intercourse outside the institute of marriage. But celibacy is more than just sex or the absence of sex. It is a renewal of the spirit, the mind and the temporary refreshing of the body. How is celibacy a refresher of the body? When you’re having sex your body produces hormones and your ph balance changes and adjusts due to the introduction of foreign objects (other people’s body parts) and everything that is associated with the foreign object. With the absence of sex, your body cleanses itself of the debris that was deposited from the foreign body objects. When your body is at rest, it rejuvenates and polishes itself from within. If you’re engaged in sexual activity, the body doesn’t get that chance to refresh itself as quickly as it would if you were celibate.

In addition to the physical benefits of abstaining from sex, it allows you to have clarity in your thoughts and in your spirit. For every sexual encounter that a person has, a portion of their body and their soul is left behind with the person that they are with. When you have sex with someone, you exchange a part of yourself with each other. You’ve heard the saying that when you sleep with someone, you sleep with everyone that they’ve slept with. If you’re fairly sexually active, you could be potentially sleeping with hundreds or thousands of people.

With the addition of bits and pieces from people you know and people you don’t know, it’s no wonder that being sexually involved with multiple people over a period of time can be emotionally challenging and cloud a person’s judgment. Like your body, your mind and spirit has a chance to refresh itself when you participate in a state of celibacy inside a relationship or as a solo -single. Taking this time of celibacy allows you to cleanse your body, mind and spirit and determine for yourself what your make up is, not have it determined for you by the bits and pieces left behind by others. Once you’re in a better state of being, you are more capable of loving yourself, and in turn love others better and experience sex in its best framework mentally, emotionally and spiritually within the bond of marriage.

These are just a few of the many benefits that many are finding out about practicing celibacy. These are things that the advertisers and those who are sexually active will not tell you or even be aware of. When you are celibate, you tend to be better in touch with your inner self, and therefore have a greater sense of joy and peace in your life than does those who are sexually active. Many people fear that they cannot reach this level of well-being and refuse to try, so they engage in sex as a form of a sedative.

Because we all have some many responsibilities and pressures in our lives, we tend to want a quick fix and sex offers that quick fix. Celibacy on the other hand is work and many of us are not willing to do the work. This is something that commerce calculates highly on and therefore will cater to the thing that seems easiest to the masses. This is why you will always see sex being sold in advertisement and celibacy as only a brief mention. But as we mentioned before, the tide is shifting. People are beginning to learn the value of treating themselves better and desire to be whole in the heart, mind, body and spirit and are choosing to practice celibacy.

With all the reasons that people choose to be celibate, this has to be at the top of the pyramid. This is what it means to be celibate in today’s society. This is the reason that celibacy is becoming the new sexual revolution and why the Celibacy Movement is gaining strength and will become a force to reckon with! If you’re considering traveling the road of celibacy, know that you are not alone and there are more and more resources and support groups appearing daily. If you’re looking for a way to get started in celibacy and to learn some helpful tips to help you be successful in your celibacy walk go to Amazon.com and check out:

The Kama Sutra of Celibacy: 101 Ways to be Successfully Celibate

Or visit our Website:  www.kamasutraofcelibacy.com

Best of luck in your successful journey of celibacy!


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