Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson USN (Retired)

Craig Johnson is a retired Mustang naval officer. Having entered the United States Navy in 1968 as an enlisted man, he attended boot camp at Great Lakes near Chicago, Illinois.  After boot camp he attended Torpedoman School in Key West, Florida. He spent 12 years as an enlisted man and then was promoted to temporary Limited Duty Officer Ensign specialising in Submarine Ordinance. As an officer he served aboard the USS Orion AS-18 where he qualified as a Surface Warfare Officer.  He was then assigned to the Joint Cruise Missiles Project 3 and Naval Air Systems Command for the development and implementation of TOMAHAWK© cruise missiles.

After twenty years of active naval service, he was transferred to the U.S Navy’s Fleet Reserve as Master Chief Torpedoman in 1988.  Following 10 years in the Fleet Reserves, he was transferred  to the Retired List as a Lieutenant in 1998.  His civilian career has been varied across several industries. He owned a packaging and shipping company that specialized in high value items. He also worked in the information technology industry as a consultant. Over the last year, he began writing about his time in the U.S. Navy and developing a collection of stories about them.

Here is the collection of stories remembered and written by  Craig Johnson:

Rum, Coke and Roosevelt Roads

It was hot afternoon in the summer of 1969, on the Diamond TWR-1. We had been sent to Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico to wait for our next assignment….Read more

Learning to Fly in Frederiksted, St. Croix

The Diamond TWR-1, a small, torpedo-weapons-recovery vessel belonging to the United States Navy, and Skippered by a Chief, had just arrived in Frederiksted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands. This was a port that she visited often in the late sixties, and its crew had many friends on the island….Read more

Your Mother Did What to Your Uniform?

I pulled my uniform out of the closet to make sure it was ready to go, I screamed, “Mom, what the hell did you do to my jumper?”  The back of my jumper had a huge square hole in it were the dragon used to be….Read more

How to Get the U.S. Navy to Buy Your Fishing Tackle

If you want fresh fish aboard a United States Navy Torpedo Weapons Recovery vessel stationed in the Caribbean, all you need to do is catch it. If you need the gear to catch the fish, then all you need to do is put in a requisition, requesting the Navy supply some; it would seem!….Read more

Invading the British!

We’ve all heard of the “British Invasion” of the sixties, that invaded that party generation’s Rock and Roll. Have you ever heard of the “American Invasion” of Great Britain’s  Peter Island? Party on the beach!….Read more

Firing the Largest Shotgun in Key West

The Petty Officers very quickly divide up the tasks that they need to carry out for their unified but unspoken plan to be acted out on.  One of them ran to the tubes and took the tube covers off of the end of the tubes opposite from the air flasks.  Then the other nine Petty Officers start running around the compound….Read more


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  1. Welcome aboard Craig! I’m really enjoying reading your Navy stories, probably as much as you are enjoying writing them. I’m hoping some other Sailors join the fun, and post some of their own anecdotes here on Bangari, and share the links on the sites they are associated with.

  2. If anyone else would like to join our co-op, just go ahead and sign up! The “join out co-op link will take you to the form. Here is the link:

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