Sea Stories

SEA STORIES FINISHED 2014-01-20_1240Bangari Content Gallery is pleased to publish interesting tales from the high seas, in our new category, “Sea Stories.” Are you a Sailor, Merchant Marine or Commercial fisherman? Do you have some interesting anecdotes to share? Publish them here!

We will get you all set up. Our team includes plenty of editors to help you polish the finished product, making your stories read like they were written by a pro! Take a look at some of the ones we’ve published so far. Get a laugh. Get inspired. Contribute some of your own. Click the “Join Our Co-op” tab, and we’ll contact you with more information.

In addition to recording our memories for posterity, and sharing them across the Interweb, these published stories earn revenue that is donated to various military charities like Wounded Warrior, Navy Seal Foundation, USO and others.

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Sea Stories 2014-01-22_1219

Sea Stories Manifesto

Read our plan to create, with your help, one of the best communities online to share your stories of Navy life. Get more details on policies and payout….Read more

Stats for “Sea Stories”

Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson USN (Retired)

Read about our founding Author, Craig Johnson, and his techniques that launched this successful section of Bangari Content Gallery. Here you will get some tips about putting a title on your masterpiece. You will also find out what amount of words to shoot for…Read more

Rum, Coke and Roosevelt Roads

By Craig Johnson ~It was hot afternoon in the summer of 1969, on the Diamond TWR-1. We had been sent to Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico to wait for our next assignment….Read more

The Infamous Seabag Pat-down for Contraband

one coke 2014-02-02_1538Posted on February 2, 2014  | 2 Comments

By Andre Moog ~When I was stationed on the U.S.S. Belleau Wood LHA-3, I was a young 3rd Class Petty Officer. We were on our way to Hong Kong for liberty, when suddenly, in the middle of the night, our … Continue reading →

Learning to Fly in Frederiksted, St. Croix


Mahi-mahi a.k.a. Dolphin

By Craig Johnson ~The Diamond TWR-1, a small, torpedo-weapons-recovery vessel belonging to the United States Navy, and Skippered by a Chief, had just arrived in Frederiksted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands. This was a port that she visited often in the late sixties, and its crew had many friends on the island….Read more

Your Mother Did What to Your Uniform?

liberty cuffs

These were hidden until flipped back when on liberty

By Craig Johnson ~I pulled my uniform out of the closet to make sure it was ready to go, I screamed, “Mom, what the hell did you do to my jumper?”  The back of my jumper had a huge square hole in it were the dragon used to be….Read more

The Great Beeville Bee-Bee Derby

By Robert Layton ~VT-26 Beeville, Texas 1983. Some say they should be in parks…Some say roof tops…Some even say on a dinner plates, but one thing for sure; Pigeons… Continue reading→

How to Get the U.S. Navy to Buy Your Fishing Tackle

tuna fish final 2014-01-23_1109By Craig Johnson ~If you want fresh fish aboard a United States Navy Torpedo Weapons Recovery vessel stationed in the Caribbean, all you need to do is catch it. If you need the gear to catch the fish, then all you need to do is put in a requisition, requesting the Navy supply some; it would seem!….Read more

MM3 Aaron Hardrick and MCPON West

By Aaron Hardrick ~Wanting to properly represent, especially while in uniform, to this inquisitive, middle-aged D.C. Civilian-type, I came back with a very Digget-type answer. I responded, “Well Sir, because… Continue reading →

Invading the British!

Map of Peter Island

Peter Island. British Territory

By Craig Johnson ~We’ve all heard of the “British Invasion” of the sixties, that invaded that party generation’s Rock and Roll. Have you ever heard of the “American Invasion” of Great Britain’s  Peter Island? Party on the beach!….Read more

Raining Barf on My 21st Birthday

By Charles Berg ~“Its your 21st Birthday!” the doorman said enthusiastically as he looked at my ID. Then to my delight he added. “The first double is on the house!”
Continue reading →

Firing the Largest Shotgun in Key West

Torpedo tubes

Training Torpedo Tubes

By Craig Johnson ~The Petty Officers very quickly divide up the tasks that they need to carry out for their unified but unspoken plan to be acted out on.  One of them ran to the tubes and took the tube covers off of the end of the tubes opposite from the air flasks.  Then the other nine Petty Officers start running around the compound….Read more

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