Jerry Walch

Jerry is a paid shill for con-artist, Michael Quoc of Knoji, formerly Factoidz. The Internet, to him, is a psychodrama. He is currently being investigated for slander, after accusing his estranged wife of a heinous act of animal abuse. Here is a link to the story:

Jerry Walch: Accuses Ex of intentionally poisoning the family pets.

Here is his self description:

I am a 68-year-old freelance writer for hire. I have been writing since the late 1970s when the print media was all we had to work with. I wanted to write serious, non-fiction articles for magazines like Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, The Family Handyman, EC&M, and other publication like them, but breaking into those markets without any published clips proved to be a losing battle.

I broke into print by writing short stories for various men’s magazines. In the years since then, I have published in all of the aforementioned magazines and many other serious publications like them. Then ten years ago, I added writing for the web to my list of achievements. Today I write for both the print and electronic media.

Some of the print publication that my work has appeared in are:

  • Popular Science
  • Popular Mechanics
  • The Family Handyman
  • EC&M
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Car Craft
  • Hot Rod Magazine

Some of the web sites that I have published on are:

  • (Now Knoji)

My educational background.

  • I have am AAS degree in applied electrical engineering from the University of Houston.
  • I have an AAS degree in IT from the University of Arizona.
  • I have an AAS degree in automotive technology from Alvin Community College.

Contact me if you have a project that you feel I may be able to assist you with.

Contact me by mail:

Jerry Walch
5 E. Bijou St.
Box 165
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Email me at:

Skype me at jerry.walch1


2 responses to “Jerry Walch

  1. Welcome Jerry!

    You and I go way back. We were two of the main “unsung founders” of, back when Mike Quoc’s Alexa ranking was in the millions…Like Bangari is now but won’t be for long with pros like you on our masthead! You have wisdom, knowledge (there’s a difference) talent and guts and you are generous with it all. I speak for myself and a lot of other people, when I say we’re really grateful for everything you have shared with us…And we’re looking forward to more. God Bless you Bro!

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