Kevin Leland


Me and Oliver…I once was a Groom…
That is a person who trains what?
Writers must sometimes
supplement their incomes.

Kevin Leland
Bangari Content Gallery
Writer and Content Producer
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Manufactured: 1967

Below you will find the different topics I write about with a brief outline of what qualifies me to cover these subjects. I have been an Internet content producer for over five  years now.

I’ve wasted much time writing for content farms, thinking it was a way to earn a decent “work at home” income for myself. Unfortunately, half a million page views later, I have learned that my work only made lots of money for Factoidz, revenue that the owner, Mike Quoc did not share fairly with me or anyone else who contributed to his site, before he robbed us of our content and ideas. Are you a victim of the content farms? Join us! We can do better.

An old French proverb states:

“Success is the best revenge”

Here is to our mutual success -and the best revenge!

Kevin Leland
Internet Content Producer

Topics I write about with brief introductions:

Here is one of my debut articles from 2008:

2007 Rhode Island Housing Market Crash: All My Fault

I closed on a property in June of 2006, at the very peak of the housing market bubble in RI. I built a nice, 1,500 sf colonial, with my own two hands. You wouldn’t believe what it was worth just two years later.

FINRA Series 7 Exam for Stockbroker (Registered Representative)

As I described myself on Twitter: I am a vast wasteland of useless knowledge. However, I do have some knowledge of securities trading. A long time ago in a Gallaxy far, far away…20 years ago in New Jersey…I took and passed (on my first try) the Series 7 Exam. I’m preparing to do it again. Who’s with me?! Check out the ‘horse method’ of whizzing through this difficult exam. It’s FREE!  Below is the progress I’ve made so far producing this series:

FINRA Exam Free Study Guide (1)

How I self studied, and took the Series 7 exam in 1989, when I was only 20 years old, and had nothing more than a high school (trade school) education. I passed it on the first try. I want to try again. Who’s with me ?!

FINRA Exam Free Study Guide (2)

I’m proud of my accomplishments in self study. Although, it’s made me nothing more than a vast wasteland of useless knowledge…Well, until I become a winning contestant on Jeopardy anyway! What are your reasons, aside from bragging rights, for taking the FINRA exam?

FINRA Exam Free Study Guide (3)

This post is taken entirely from the Securities Law Professor Site and talks about the new, (went into effect in July of 2012) but entirely based on the old –’Know Your Customer Rule.’ This is the point where the regulatory rubber meets the road.

FINRA Exam Free Study Guide (4)

Now here is a brilliant idea: A mother and her children were busted for repeatedly taking the FINRA Series 7 Exam. Their purpose? To memorize the questions, and sell them through their online business; ‘Training Consultants.’ See, that’s my problem. I’m smart enough to lie, cheat and steal with the best of them –but I choose not to. Why?

FINRA Exam Free Study Guide (5)

The FINRA administered General Securities Representative test is broken down into four sections: (1) Functions (2) Tasks (3) Financial Industry Knowledge (4) Knowledge of Rules and Regulations. The test will cover the major job functions a RR (Registered Representative) will perform.

FINRA Exam Free Study Guide (6)

One of the biggest factors leading to the 1929 Stock Market crash, and the Great Depression was investors over-leveraging on bullish speculation. Sound familiar? Cut to the Housing Market crash almost a century later…

This is as far as I got by myself. I’m looking for help to finish this series, preferably from some of you who is studying for the test. Please let me know if you are interested in contributing. Any revenue earned from your your posts will be passed on to you. Apply Here: Join Us

Fitness, supplements and steroids

I was a New England Champion Power Lifter in 1982…long time ago! However, I’ve always stayed fit at some level, and still enjoy fitness training. I learned from some real masters! I also investigate supplements, and  have even dabbled in steroid use…Don’t freak out, I did it legally!

As part of “Project Exodus” I’ll be moving most of these articles from the content farms, improving them and posting them here at Bangari. I’ve sold a lot of ghost written ‘fitness content.’ Original content spun from this collection of articles can be purchased at our lowest rates. Much more to come…

How to fall without hurting yourself

I’m Not a Professional Gynecologist: It’s just a hobby

How to Execute a Dead Lift

Bangari: Internet Content Production, Promotion, Monetization

I founded this site as a way to do better than is possible at the content farms. As a co-founder of Factoidz, I have a lot of insight and ideas about how the online content production business works. More importantly, I understand how it should work. We all deserve a fair piece of the pie. As long as you don’t mind getting that fair share, one bite at a time, Bangari is the place for you!


English: Logo for The Home Depot. Category:Bra...

Image via Wikipedia

One night I returned some items that I found on the side of the road at a “free sale” (lots of those in Vermont!) The items were three attic vents, still in the package. I exchanged them for a $96 Home Depot gift card! I also got a dart board at this free sale, that I’m playing with until I get off my lazy butt and post it for sale on Craigslist. Over the years, I’ve made thousands of dollars, and helped the environment, by being a proud, dumpster-diving Craigslister.


Evolution is a brilliant theory. Science tries to take it too far, and make it account for everything from the “dot-on-a-page-big-bang” to “consciousness”…I look at this fascinating world from a different angle. Through my lens, it was created on purpose, with love, by God. You gotta admit, there are some amazing things being discussed by brilliant scientists of our day that point to an intelligent designer. Read: The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel.


This is an attempt to at least counter-balance, if not out-weigh the incredible amount of obscene content, i.e; pornography loaded on the Internet. Please help me “upload” the beautiful, Godly things of creation here, and turn them into inspiring, valuable content. Anything from a photograph of a sunset to a reflection on a scripture passage, post it here, and team up to distribute among the Web.

Anecdotes: Personal Faith and Philosphy

I’ll be sixty, which means I’ll be wise, in just thirteen and a half more years! Until then, I’ll share some of my life’s experiences here, and if you are over sixty, then maybe you can tell me what these things that happen to me are supposed to mean to me? Nevermind. I don’t even have time to listen. I’ll just wait 13 1/2 more years.

Human interest and comedy

I am a social critic. I try to make the world a better place by poking fun and ridiculing society in all the places where I think it needs improvement. Warning: I swear, cuss, say bad words…whatever you call it, it isn’t appropriate for everyone. I’m working on developing a “profanity switch” that will censor my writing, and that of the other contributors at the click of the mouse…But that is still in development. Bare with me as I get my sites squared away with this new publishing tool that I’m using Jon Leger’s “The Best Spinner.” (A great tool in itself) Click below to see what they do:

The best spinner 2011-10-17_1605

Investigative Blogging

I have a site that I started before this one, where I post investigative pieces. I’m not a “real journalist” so I can make myself part of the story, and boy do I, and create the news and include my opinion and even my scatological sense of humor. Don’t try to stop me! After all, I’m encouraging you to do the same thing. But let me proof it, and help you check some facts, and give you some advice before you post it. Some of my investigative blog posts  included details of a murder investigation I worked on with the Vermont State Police.

Bulk Content

A few months ago, we produced and delivered for .05 per word, 152,000 words of  content  formatted for The Best Spinner on many different keywords and topics -in only four weeks. We have since developed processes, that along with  good ol’ practice has enabled to produce even more efficiently. We currently have a project that pays .013 per word up front, with plans to gather passive revenue on additional content that will be added to it and edited in, rendering it original and available for repurposing. To  Join our team, to work with our team, or to hire our team to writew all your bulk content for you…

JOIN US- Click here


Kevin Leland


75 responses to “Kevin Leland

  1. Welcome Kevin! I’ve known you your entire life, so most of I what I say about you is true. You have been self-employed for just about your entire career, so you are no stranger to knowing what it’s like to work for an asshole! I guess you can expect that when you expect a lot from yourself. I know your dreams, and they aren’t built around this Bangari thing. This is just another go around at what you have done quite a few times in the past: Inventing/creating a good paying job for yourself and others. I think your good ideas and your good work ethic will make it happen in a big way…Then you can be free to pursue those real dreams. God bless!

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  73. Thanks for writing your Nuke power school piece. That was me in 1988. “Miraculously” I scored a 56 on the Nuke qualifying test (55 was required). I completely lacked the math skills I needed to make it thru power school (because we used to get stoned before 4th period Algebra II) and I was most certainly more interested in hiking the AT and chasing skirts in those days. I always maintained the recruiter lied his ass off. I graduated power school powered school by the skin of my teeth but went on to excel at proto type and during my ten year career. Even went on to law school after getting out after 10 years 4 days as MMC(SS). Not too badinage think for a pot smoking dumb ass who got in bc my recruiter lied. lol! I’m now building homes and enjoying to its fullest. Funny detour that did provide a number of wonderful life lessons and a great education. Thanks again for your piece. Great to know one is not alone on this Rock. Hope 2017 is a great year. Regards ~ Chris

    • Hey Chris! Great to meet a kindred spirit! I took calculus at my community college last year. I got a “D” lol I’m going to try again though. I love that stuff. I can’t wait until I can understand it. I built a few houses after the Navy too. Isn’t that the best work?! I miss it. Thanks for your comment. You have a great new year too!

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