Craigslist Networking: Real Life

What other advantages are there to being a Craigslister, besides buying and selling locally?
Local Networking

I’m going to put this post first in my “Craigslister” content. Why? Because I sold some weights, that I bought last year, from a guy who listed them on Craigslist -after listing them on Craigslist. This is a perfect example of all the good things that can blossom from being a Craigslister, besides being able to sell something big and heavy and not needing to pay shipping.

The guy who sold them to me, along with a weight bench, worked for Burton, a huge snowboard manufacturer up here in Vermont. They sell many other snow sport items. I forgot his name (I won’t do that in the future) but he gave me a real good deal on these Olympic weights with bar (45 lb.)  and a bench with a lat pull down machine attached.

My daughter did a modeling gig with Burton. She goes to UVM, University of Vermont, and could always use some extra money…Lord knows she doesn’t get enough from me. In trade for her modeling services, which only took her about two or three hours, she received a brand new snowboard, worth well over $300. She later sold it on Craigslist, at a small discount and used the cash for ?…none of my business.

She didn’t get the modeling gig through the guy I bought the weights from, but it stands to show that she could have, for my “local networking point” I’m making here. Don’t be afraid to have a conversation with those who you do Craigslist business with. Don’t be a nose-bag, but open up a little, and your fellow Craigslister will too. Opportunities will arise.

When John came to buy my weights, That I bought from the Burton guy, we did some talking. I found out about some interesting things he had going on in Cyberspace, and in the real world. He coaches and trains folks who may or may not have had an injury, and gets them fit. Race-running fit as a matter of fact. These weights he was purchasing, were for this enterprise.

What are weights and exercise equipment worth?

Steel weights $0.50 per pound

Getting off the networking subject for a moment, let’s talk about what used weights and exercise equipment are worth. There is really a “basic” value for these types of items. Because they are made of steel, these items have scrap value. Right now, scrap steel is going at a rate of (click this link for accurate pricing) about $250 per ton = $250 / 2000 lbs. = .125 per pound. There is sometimes a difference between the value of the steel that makes the equipment , like the bench, and the cast iron or cast steel that makes the plates. Call your scrap yard ahead and get the breakdown on scrap prices.

We have established that if you load up these weights, along with the bench, and they weigh 175 lbs., to a scrap yard -they’re worth about $22.00

If you had to buy this stuff new, a similar bench would cost about $125 and the 45 lb. Olympic bar (that means it takes plates with a “big hole”) would cost about $70. For a pair of 44-45 lb. plates, new, you would spend about $200. So the total set-up, new would be: $400. I lost the bench (long story) but I got to use it quite a bit first. That left me with just the bar and the plates to sell.

How to price weights and exercise equipment on Craigslist ?

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Calculating the value of steel weights and dumb-bells:

Scrap value = $20
New value   = $395
3x scrap value = $60
25%-33% New value = $62-$90
$0.50 per pound, weights and bar = 133 pounds x .50 = $66.50

I priced this item at $75. I paid $75 and that included the bench, I used the stuff for a year, lost the bench, and then sold it to John for $60. A final rule of thumb is that anytime you can buy or sell steel weights for .50 per pound, you are making a good deal. Plastic weights, filled with concrete are junk, and don’t figure into this scenario.

The networking value of meeting a local contact


When John realized he was all out of checks, we had already loaded the stuff in his Ford Explorer, and had a good conversation. I found out he was starting a gym (with associated Internet domains). He found out I am an Internet Content Producer that creates a lot of content about physical fitness, training, steroids and supplements.

I gave him my PayPal email, we shook hands, and he agreed to plop $60 in my PayPal account as soon as he got home and finished dinner. I told him I would “talk up” his thing after I had a chance to check it out. He sent the payment, thanks John! I checked out his sites, “liked it” on Facebook, wrote this, and will be sending a link to it along with some other examples of content that John might be interested in buying from us and adding to his site.

Let’s see where it goes from there!

If you want to see what John’s mission is all about, check out his site:
To provide people with athletic/active lifestyles ‘injury to excellence’ orthopedic
rehabilitation and performance enhancement training. Our specialty is progressing clients with orthopedic injuries from the acute injury state toward full activity and then beyond through rehabilitation and customized activity enhancement programs.

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