Craigslist: sexy young tenant scam

This is a response to an ad that I posted on Craigslist for a home-share situation in Vermont. I can easily recognize a “scammer” and this “Cathy Moore” is not a real person. It’s the introduction to a counterfeit cashiers check scheme. I’m posting these so you will be able to pick out the tell-tale signs, like “hope to read from you asap.” I’m responding, because I like to see what I get. I’ve gone back and forth quite extensively with these scammers. I have some of those to post here later. This is satire!I’m trying to get a laugh outta my readers here. Maybe a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network. To find out how you can donate to this real, and worthy cause just by finding Craigslist scams like this one, and writing informative and funny posts about them, fill out this one minute form:

Children's Miracle Network, founded 1983 with ...

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My name is Cathy Moore, I am 27 years old from Australia. I am working with a local humanitarian organization here in Victoria on children with heart related diseases. I will be coming to the United states by the middle of next month and i will need a room to stay in your city for the duration of my one year course programmed. I will be happy to read from you for the procedures and modalities of the room. please let me know what I must do to secure the room before my arrival and i will also love to see new pictures of the posted room…

Hello Cathy!

I was so excited to read from you about my room for rent. I loved to read that you are a 27 year old Australian girl! I bet you have a real cute accent 😉 Wow! A true humanitarian from down under! You sound like a girl that I would like to have down under me. Ooops, that didn’t sound right. I mean, livings downstairs, under me. 😉 😉

As far as the modalities are concerned, yes, I would love for you to model for me. Is normally your procedure to start with at least a bathing suit on, then maybe a little topless strip tease, and then when you are finally convinced that I am in no way some kind of pervert, or dirty old man, you whip out the goodies?

I will post some pictures on this blog post, that I will continue our conversation on. I thought that some advertising in a place beyond Craigslist might be wise, considering how CL is meant to only draw local people, and since reading from you, I thought maybe other young, hot, not-too-shy girls from overseas may apply.

Do you get along with other girls? Even if they are say, 7-8 years younger than you? Would you share a room with another girl? How about a bed? How about me? Sorry for all the questions, but I really want to know if this will work before you travel all this way. The last group of girls I rented to assured me they were up for just about anything, and then ran away scared as soon as I pulled out the ball gags and the video camera.

Would you like to send me a cashiers check for a $1,000 deposit? Or, just so I know you are a “real person” and not some online scammer, or too shy, how about a topless picture of you holding a sign that says “Bad girl needs spanking?” I will hold the apartment for you if you do. Is there anything else you would like me to help you arrange? Furniture delivery? Purchase? It’s partially furnished. Hope to read back from you asap!

Kevin Leland

Here is a link to a website of a real woman named… Cathy Moore. She takes the boring out of elearning… She should teach these scammers a lesson about using her good name

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