Vietnam Vet needs canine companion

I posted an ad here at Bangari and on Craigslist, to find a foster home for Max.

Here is the post:

I got this response, and thought I would share it:


My name is Thomas…and I just saw your post regarding your dog Max and his need for a caring, loving home. He is a beautiful dog and looks like he is extremely friendly yet strong. my German Shepard passed away about 4 years ago and I feel that it is time for a new companion. I was researching german Shepards in need of homes and came across your posting. I think you would find me extremely qualified to care for your dog. I’ve owned German Shepards my whole life and ironically had a st.bernard when I was a boy. I know the breeds well although I’m no dog trainer but an excellent dog owner.

I’m a 65 year old Vietnam Vet. I am retired so I would have lots of time to spend with him. I also spend a lot of time at home. I don’t drive or go out much because unfortunately both my hands and a large portion of my right arm were lost in the war. I hope this doesn’t effect you considering me for this position because I am more than capable of caring for him. But I feel like this is something I should mention. I would still be able to walk him because I have a belt that the leash can attach to. I thought that my last dog ‘Tank” would be my last but I have been really missing having a dog in my home.

From what you said about Max’s guarding I think it would be perfect. I do fear intruders considering my handicap and I can’t really fire my gun for protection either.So having a dog like max in the house would really keep me at ease.When I came across your post I think it was fate. I live in Woonsocket and have quite a large house with a fenced in yard and a quiet neighborhood.I am not worried about damages or drool. My house is nothing much to look at anyway but I feel max would be real comfortable there. You can feel free to visit him anytime, but my biggest concern is you taking him back! If this works out as well as I’m hoping I might be hesitant to give him back. You did mention a permanent home for him, so I guess that is something we can discuss when the time comes.

You also mentioned about Max loving having a job to do and there was something my dogs always did for me that I would like to teach Max as well. Since my hands are both gone there are numerous things I can’t do. Basically I was wondering if you think it would be okay for me to put peanut butter on my erection and let Max lick it off until I ejaculate. That would really help me out a lot and I promise to rub his ears with my arm stubs while he does it. I hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks so much,



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