Creationology and Theography

Below are the list of topics related to Creationology:

This topic covers all the amazing things that we observe on this big blue marble, God’s green Earth. Creationology looks at all that exists as not only intelligently made, but lovingly made, by…whose green Earth is it? Yeah, right: It belong’s to God. That’s why when people say “so and so has more money than God” it’s a joke, because it’s all God’s. Yup the money too. All His. He just let’s us pass it around for a while, at least until people are putting it in a plate near our ashes.

We are looking for special artists here at Bangari, for a special project. We want some creative geniuses who have the gift to see the world through a special lens. One who sees things and says “Wow! God is awesome!” or “Man! He did this all for us!” or even “Will you look at that?! How can there not be a God?!”

Here are some samples:

Trichotomy: Created in God’s Image

We are significantly more than a computer made of meat. I don’t care what Freud and Darwin think. I titled this wrong when I published, so you will see “Mordecai and Esther” in the hyper-link. Ooops.

The Theography Project is one that is going to add multi-media, that is really intense and inspiring photos, audio and video to articles that are scientific in the sense that they examine the interesting if not awe-inspiring created world around us. Here are some topics that will need multi-media

How to Boil Water in a Paper Cup

Yes it can be done without a microwave. This article makes you say “wow, I didn’t know that” without making you feel bad that you didn’t know it! A great piece of information for teachers to share with students from junior high on up, on the topic of thermodynamics.

…These remaining 21 articles, I will be transferring one by one from, where I have been “deleted” after 330,000 page views.


  1. What to Feed Clams and Tips for Keeping Them Alive in an Aquarium
  2. Buoancy: Float a Boat in a Moat Brainteaser
  3. How to Raise and Train a Pit Bull
  4. Sniper and the Watch Brainteaser
  5. Solar Energy Primer: How Different Types of Solar Energy Work
  6. A Few Small Things You Can Do to Reduce Landfill
  7. Interview with a New England Cheese Farmer
  8. Gourmet Mushrooms Online from Maine
  9. The Vegetarian Butcher
  10. His Body His Choice: Is Circumcision Child Abuse?
  11. The Green Household: How to Use Rain Water and Gray Water Collection
  12. Recycling Greywater: Illegal? Oh Well!
  13. Caffeine: Drug? Yes. Dangerous? No. Healthy? Maybe.
  14. How to Keep Salad Fresh for a Week
  15. Dish Washing the Green Way
  16. Pounding the Docks: Fishing Industry in Rhode Island
  17. The Harvest Moon: Fishing for Mussels
  18. 3 Types of Edible Wild Mushrooms from the North East, USA
  19. Pit Bull Obedience on Video
  20. The Art of Mushroom Hunting: Finding the Old Man in the Woods
  21. Seven Safety Rules for the Beginner Mushroom Hunter

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