The Best Approach to SEO is No Approach

By Kevin Leland

Bangari Content Promotion

Here at Bangari, we don’t even like to use the term ‘SEO.’ I remember when it was all the rage. About that time, as I was struggling to figure it out…and getting frustrated, I came up with not only the answer to increasing visibility of content, but also a pretty dead-on prediction that time has proven true. Here is an article that I wrote, for Michael Quoc’s scam site, (now This was years before the Panda and Penguin algorithm changes that Google instituted:

The best way to figure out search engine optimization is a lot like determining when to change your underwear: Throw them against the wall and if they stick – go put on another pair.

If you are “stuck” on SEO like the rest of us, just walk away. Don’t waste time that you could instead be spending actually producing something that a search engine will find, no matter how many keywords are stuffed in it.

The best approach is no approach.

You don’t have to admit this to anyone else but yourself; so look in the mirror and say “doggone it! I ain’t no where near as smart as those geniuses that work for Google.” And while you’re at it, if you are one of those snake oil salesmen trying to make a buck off the rest of us by selling us secrets that you don’t possess, then also say “I don’t get paid no where near as much as those geniuses at Google who get the big bucks to keep the secrets they invented from people like me.”

Phew! Now don’t we feel better? Good! Now, go produce your best content. Don’t sweat how you are going to title it. Pay no attention to keywords or keyword saturation. Just be creative, and informative, accurate and interesting. Don’t let search engine optimization or keyword density bog you down or cramp your style. Just chill out, be cool and keep it real. Do you know why?

Because just as soon as you figure out just the right way to jump up and down and wave your arms up over your head while nagging like Horshack, “hooo hooo Mr. Kotteeer!” while wearing the proper brightly colored clothes and the right hat; all to get the robots’ attention…The geniuses at Google are going to have their robots better programmed to ignore you and follow after the cool people who don’t try to make foolish spectacles of themselves.

I was right. That’s what happened. Now, Web 3.0 is on the horizon. These robots are going to learn how to critique writing for grammar, style, logic and flow. They won’t just see keywords…they will understand the ideas presented behind them. The robots will be able to smell a rat, and spot a deceiver. They will not be gamed. They will serve the searchers for content, and not the presenters of content, unless of course you are the type who presents content in order to serve the searcher.



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