Personal Faith, Philosophy and Anecdotes

Below are the list of topics related to Personal Faith, Philosophy and Anecdotes:

* This is a partial list of the articles I had on Mike Quoc removed them, after collecting revenue from them for months. I spoke out against his scheme, and he deleted my account after 350,000 page views.

As I repost them here, a couple a week or so, and then link these titles to the posts.

  1. 7 Signs of an Embezzling Spouse
  2. What is Marital Embezzlement?
  3. Celibacy and Dating in Pop Culture
  4. Divorce and how to get a civil or Catholic annulment
  5. Vasectomy: Regret, Reversal and Sperm Killing Antibodies
  6. How to Wish Your Ex a Happy Birthday
  7. Seven Truths About Divorce
  8. Angels and Demons: Just a Ron Howard Fictional Film?
  9. Advice for Married Men: the Secret to Having Sex More Often
  10. The Coming Greatest Generation?
  11. Vincent “Buddy” CianciDouche Bag
  12. Sola ScripturaDead Sea Scrolls, Apocrypha, Gnostic Gospels, Church Fathers
  13. Step Parent Bible Story: Mordecai and Esther
  14. Zechariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist: The Other Nativity Story
  15. Proverbs 31: The Wife of Noble Character
  16. Detox: Marijuana and Moderation
  17. Dream Whispering: Interpretation of Apocalyptic Language
  18. Tough Guys with Tough Girls. Do Opposites Always Attract?
  19. Upside Down Flag: Patriotic Sign of Distress
  20. Humor and Information for the Circumcision Decision
  21. 7 Tips for Making a Wedding Party Speech
  22. Tips on Understanding the Hebrew Language
  23. My Genealogy Shows That I Am the Definition of a Swamp Yankee
  24. Trichotomy: We Are Not Meat Computers
  25. How to Wrap Your Baby in Swaddling Clothes
  26. How to Teach Kids the Difference Between Slander, Gossip and News
  27. 3 Easy steps to fasting

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