SEO: The Past and The Future

By Kevin Leland

I wrote this post back in 2008. this was before all the changes in the Google algorithms, that is evolving Google’s search engines into what will become the ‘Semantic Web.’ As you can see, I was dead on with this post. I saw that robots would use human opinion as the basis for what they would return in search results. The problem became: Deception. Of course the providers of the content acted like the consumers of the content, and voted up their own stuff, or like Mike Quoc of Knoji, formerly Factoidz, and many other Web Masters, offered to pay for votes and links. The never ending battle of gaming the robots vs. robot deception detection rages on…

Posted on in 2008:

As an internet searcher I thought Google was Amazing. I’ve found really interesting things that I wasn’t even looking for! Kinda like going for a Sunday drive without a destination. I’ve also found really good, specific things returned in my searches. Now as a searchee who desperately desires the robots to find, like and offer up the content I contribute…I’m dizzy from confusion. SEO is chaos!

I have one hope that is also a prediction: The next advance in the robots is going to clean up the pollution, and end this chaos. Right now it’s about tedious link building, quantity content and of coarse keywords ad nauseum. I don’t let keyword density affect my style too much. I may use a few less pronouns and sometimes sacrifice a catchy title that barely hints at the topic, for a more search friendly title that better describes the content below. If my prediction is true, the art –yeah right, as if…of writing for SEO is terminally ill.

So SEO writers: Keep making hay while the sun is shining. What search engine optimization is now, it won’t be then; in the future, S-E-O is going to have a plot right next to D-I-S-C-O. Did I just make a disco reference? Yep, I must be over 40. This is how smart I think these bots are going to be in the not too distant future:

  • Coming about as close to the cutting edge of artificial intelligence that we are going to get, the bots will be able to read content and judge it for quality of writing. Going past punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors, they will be able to judge style and flow and say “this is a very well developed piece” or “that is a rambling, random piece of crap”
  • Content quantity is going to mean nothing compared to quantity of information in the content and the accuracy of that information –with Wikipedia the comparative standard for non fiction material.
  • These bots will be so smart they will even have abstract intelligence and be able to judge images as well. We already have face recognition software, it’s probably a step backward to say a bot could recognize a naked person and label the image explicit. Just a few steps forward and the bot will be able to say “this adult video has a bad case of ugly porn star”
  • They will even look at pieces that have all the right keywords at just the right saturation and minimum word count and lot’s of so-so book marks and recognize it as content that was done back when people used to write for SEO –how played, and that piece will get sent to the back pages with the rest of the pollution never to be heard from again.

If I knew exactly how they were going to do that I wouldn’t be writing this article at 2:00 a.m. I would be getting a good night’s sleep, in preparation for a tough day in the Google think tank. I would say that it still has to start with human judgment. That is why and and these sites where millions of people will rate billions of pieces of content is out there now. After a huge mass of content sets standards for the good the bad and the ugly, all the bots will have to do is layover all those 0’s and 1’s and compare and categorize, i.e.; saying “this resembles what the humans say is good -so it is good” or “this looks like what humans call a made for Adsense site -so it is not good.”

So churn out the SEO content one every fifty minutes and collect $1.80 per month on it for the next two years or spend two hours on a piece that you can be proud to say you created that will make you $1.00 per month for the next twenty years. Hmmm or maybe a little of both, after all I’m not Nostra Damus!

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