Smile While Ur Bleedin’

The content we are looking for under this category, is about humor during tough times… Comedy is therapy. When we can laugh in the face adversity, we haven’t lost. Things have to change. They will. Until they do, and maybe even to help it along, we can offer some comic relief here at “Smile while Ur Bleedin'”

Shout out to K’NAAN The Dusty-foot Philosopher! A brave soul in a troubled world. His lyrics inspired the heading of this topic.

Some of the sub topics to Smile while Ur Bleedin’:

Heros and Zeros: In times like these some people, past and present, have been an inspiration and a big help to us in our struggles with poverty and injustice. Others have just been a pain in our ass. Here we can applaud our personal heros, and roast our personal zeros -either way, in a funny way.


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