William Toborg: Vermont Labor Department’s Incompetent State Worker

By Kevin Leland

William Toborg, unlike many other able bodied Americans of sound mind -has a job. He works for Vermont tax payers, as a representative for those not as fortunate as he: Those of us who are unemployed. William Toborg is employed by the Vermont Department of Labor, Unemployment Division, as a Claims Adjudicator  Mr. Toborg is sort of an unemployment cop, or judge. His job is to enforce the rules and make sure that poor, unemployed people are not stealing from the system. He determines if people who have a claim open with the Vermont Department of Unemployment  are holding up their end of the bargain, in order to justifiably receive their benefits, and are able and available and searching diligently for work.

The seal of the United States Department of Labor

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If he has any reason to believe that you are not really available for work, or that you might not really be looking for a job, or you are actually working under the table while collecting benefits then he is going to come down on you like cold black rain. He will stop your benefits and make you pay back what you may have already unlawfully received.

This is important work. He prevents unscrupulous bad people from ripping off down-on-their-luck, poor people. He makes sure the unemployed are getting a hand up -not a hand out. A real protector of the unfortunate and defender of truth, justice and the American way, Mr. Toborg wields his strong arm of justice, fearlessly, at his desk, on his phone, from his cubicle in Mt. Pielier.

What happens when this Adjudicator, appointed and empowered to make binding decisions concerning the character and intentions of his fellow Vermonters -fucks up? I’ll tell you what happens: He pisses off a guy like me, and I tell my story online. I know the IT business. I know how to  acquire, process, store and disseminate vocal, pictoral, textual and numerical information through a microelectronics-based combination of computing and telecommunications. I know how to create and optimize this content for search engine indexing so that what I have to say about William Toborg and how he fucked up at his job and insulted me, will come out above the fold for a Google search of his name. When I’m really good -it will come out above what he has to say about himself online on Social Networking sites. My current resume in a nutshell. Anyone hiring?

William Toborg, after a phone conversation with me, determined to himself, and then:

Horse And Handler Statue,  Department Of Labor

Image by paul_houle via Flickr

 Told me that I am a liar, a fraud and a cheat. Big mistake. He decided that I unlawfully accepted $1,120.00 in unemployment benefits under false pretenses. He ordered me to return this stolen money to the Department of Labor immediately, and if I don’t, they are going to take it out of my wages (as soon as I’m fortunate enough to start earning them again) or out of my tax return. I should get a little Earned Income Credit this year, that I was going to use to pay for my daughter’s braces. I guess spending money on your children is for employed people, like Mr. Toborg, only.

The rest of this post is going to be about defending myself against these false accusations. A later post is going to tell a story about how I am more qualified to work for Vermont tax payers than Mr. Toborg is, as it refers to a story that shows why it is very ironic that the Department of Labor would be busting my balls, after I did an important piece of work on their behalf; work that by their own admission, “they didn’t have the teeth to do.” I busted Andy Megroz  for breaking Vermont Labor Laws; ripping off his minimum wage employees, and I reported him for evading state taxes. In summary, the rest of this post is going to explain why William Toberg and the Vermont Department of Unemployment can kiss my ass, and if they think I’m willingly paying them back a penny of that $1,120.00 -they’re high.

On June 27th, 2011 I got “fired from unemployment.” If you said that is about as pathetic as it gets, I would agree…if I didn’t get “fired from the Parish Council” a week later -but that’s another story. Being called a fraud and an anti-Christian by a VT State Adjudicator and a VT Catholic Priest, respectively, all in one week, can come as a real blow to one’s personal identity and self esteem. I haven’t been this insulted since Wifey II said, “you suck…now get off me!”  But I know, as well as a few others -who matter, that these are false assessments of my character…and my prowess between the sheets.

I’m a big believer in self esteem. I’m not from the let’s-not-keep-score-when-we-play-soccer-so-the-losers-don’t-get-their-feelings-hurt generation, so I believe that self esteem has to be earned by actually accomplishing something. My most recent accomplishments, that allow me to esteem myself, can basically and ironically be summed up in the following statement:

For the first time in my life, I have dwelt in the pit of poverty and unemployment / underemployment for over four years. I enthusiastically voted for our current President.

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

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 Barrack Obama, I believe, is doing everything that can be done to turn things around. I’m truly excited about his Job Bill, and think it could get me, and a lot of my fellow unemployed / under employed Americans back into a living wage. I can be a one issue voter, so he has my vote again this time around, whether or not the economy turns around. That’s a no-brainer since Osama bin Laden’s carcass became fish food. Well done Seal Team Six and our Commander-in-Chief! Thank you for your service.

In this trial of poverty, unemployment, divorce, banishment, threats on my life, shitty deals, and lots of other violent, dreadful things that would make just about anyone hate life -I have not turned my back on God and His rules,  or shied away from anything I felt He was inspiring me to be a part of. He has been there for me in a real way this whole time. He gave me strength and inner peace and people that know me, and know I’m not a fraud or a cheat.  I have not turned to crime, or drugs, or alcohol to make a bad situation worse, because I have not lost hope. I have not lost ambition either. I’ve lost my patience a few times throughout this trial of a lifetime, but got it right back before causing any  real damage. I’ve even managed to accomplish a couple things recently that contributed to society in a major way from a social justice / criminal justice standpoint, when, as I mentioned, busted Andrew Megroz, owner of Mountain View General Store in Panton, VT for ripping off minimum wage workers (this got me fired from the Parish council -that other story) and also when I worked with the Vermont State Police, under a warrant, to bust a murderer a year after the case went cold. See: OK Cupid Killer

These accomplishments might allow me some self esteem, while adjudicators and priests might be trying to snuff it out. But self esteem can’t do much to help with my poverty and lack of (paying) work situation. These battles for social justice really only added to my “woes” by getting some assholes really pissed off at me, wanting me dead, and threatening to make it happen. This “work” got me labeled  “anti-social.” Really, I’m not anti-social, I’m “anti-social injustice.” Big difference. These efforts didn’t pay me a dime, even though they fell under the same “job description” of professionals like Police Detectives, Labor Department Investigators, and Priests -that earn their wage for the same duties and responsibilities, i.e.; work. I’m not jealous of the gainfully employed. I’m just sayin’… They should be very careful how they treat their less fortunate neighbors. They should at least take a moment to be grateful for life’s simple blessings -like an income. They should show their gratitude by working harder and smarter and more conscientiously at the job they are lucky enough to have in these tough times, and get it right the first time.

To be fair, I was offered an opportunity to appeal this adjudicators decision. However, like I asked the only real person I got to speak to at VT Dept. Labor (William Toborg was unreachable, and didn’t return my call) “Why should I give him a second chance to do his job correctly, in his forum?” I chose to appeal my case in my forum -online. Why does he get a second chance to do his job correctly? Tax payers are easy going bosses. If I got roofing work, and nailed the shingles on upside down, I wouldn’t expect to be allowed to keep my job while the boss pays my coworkers to install the roofing material correctly the second time.

William Toborg: I have examined the evidence, and have decided that you are a lying cheat, and you must pay back $1,120.00. If you disagree with that decision, you can appeal to…my co-workers/friends

Kevin Leland: I’ve decided that your decision proves that you are an incompetent dumb-ass, who better keep his hand out of my pocket. If you disagree with that decision, you can appeal to…my blog audience/friends.

I hope this post helps Mr. Toborg pull his head out of his ass and check to see if he made a mistake regarding my ability and availability to do any work offered because I was spending 25 hours a week blogging. Better look over your shoulder all you lucky bastids collecting weekly benefits while you spend 25 hours a week watching TV, or playing video games, or reading blogs. It might be you next!

What’s also really ironic, is that the “blogging” I was doing landed me a $5,000 writing job that I shared at a rate of $15-$30 per hour with some other underemployed folks in the IT industry, and set up content production and accounting systems that could allow for a lot more payroll for all of us, and more of us, in the near future. So there. I can’t find a job, so I’m creating one for myself and others.

I’ve done that plenty of times before throughout my career. Ready for some more irony? One of the reasons I’ve been ineligible for unemployment benefits to tide me over during this first dry spell in a 27 year working career, is because most of my career, as a builder and a banker, I’ve been an employer, not an employee. I paid a percentage of payroll to fund the unemployment insurance system covering the people who worked for me. I create jobs for real, always have. To top that off with a slap in the face: Unemployment’s booklet states that my crew and I are not considered “professionals” because we are in the construction trades. So if I want to work for a construction company, I have to hitch hike out to the construction site and apply in person, with my hands in the pockets of my Cahart jacket, sporting a 5:00 shadow and a lit cigarette hanging out of the corner of my mouth, looking like a longshoreman -or it doesn’t count for a job search. See, I can’t just email the construction company’s human resources department a resume, as a “professional” could. Who wrote that shit? Who makes these stupid rules, the same morons that enforce them?

To summarize my message to William Toborg and the Vermont Department of Labor, Unemployment Division, and conclude:

  • Kiss my ass, I’m not giving you that money back, even if I had it to give.
  • Pull your head out of your ass, you’ll see, I’m not a liar and I didn’t cheat you.
  • Shove your benefits up your ass, I’m not looking for a job anymore, especially the way you people dictate. I’m going to create some jobs, that pay a living wage for working at home, in Information Technology, right here at Bangari Content Gallery: Click here to apply for a work at home job in IT.

One response to “William Toborg: Vermont Labor Department’s Incompetent State Worker

  1. I just found out I have $135 coming back from the State of Vermont, and $450 from my federal tax return. I wonder if they are going to intercept it. that would be a big mistake on their part, and make an embarrassing situation caused by Mr. Toborg, much worse.

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