Levi Leland

I’m 18 years young. Big coffee drinker! I’m an Artist (mainly drawing, and some sculpting). I play the Piano too, but my real passion is the visual Arts. I’m an animal lover. Lastly, I’m a HUGE Edgar Allan Poe aficionado. I Love books…

Twitter: @LeviLLeland
YouTube: LeviLionelLeland
Blogspot: www.levilionellelandarts.blogspot.com

Edgar Allen Poe: Levi Leland’s Greenlight
Here is my first post on Bangari. It is from a report I did on “The Great Gatsby” I write about my deep interest in Edgar allen Poe. I’ve studied him from an artists perspective, but also from the point of view of someone who loves books, and fiction and nonfiction stories of mystery and the macabre.


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