Linda Smith

I have been freelance writing for over a year, on various topics. I have posted articles on many different sites, as well as doing contract work for clients from various companies.

Frankly, I am looking for a platform where quality content is appreciated and earnings are fair.

My Bio

I turned to Internet marketing and freelance writing after the sudden death of my fiance, Michael. My goals are to start a foundation to help others obtain any medical equipment they need, even if their insurance doesn’t cover it. I would also like to assist families, enabling them to keep their loved ones at home, and be able to get the relief they need so much. I took care of Michael at home. I understand the hardships. The heart image represents that Michael will always be close to my heart.

Here are some links:

Michael my Hero

Linda Smith on

Adaptive Products

Unique Gift Ideas

Product Reviews and More! Profile


10 responses to “Linda Smith

  1. Welcome Linda!

    A lot of your former fellow Factoiderz are here, looking to collaborate to produce for ourselves, and most importantly, share the spoils fairly. We can compete with the content farms and win…by not ‘being’ one! We are really glad you’ve joined us!

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  5. Remove me and all information about me from Bangari Gallery

  6. Why? I did a lot of work, posting this, linking it to your other domains, promoting your writing and managing content production work that you were paid to do. You seem to get a rash about everything Linda,…I suggest that you learn to discern the difference between someone exploiting you, and someone promoting you. I’m promoting you, and ensuring that you are paid fairly, and are given appropriate credit for your intellectual property. Why do you have a problem with that?

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  8. I wrote what was to be original content for a client that is now posted all over Internet, and not by the client. I have not written any articles for you to promote, nor have I posted anything on Bangari.

    I suggest that you pay writers what is due them and stop being a Mike Quoc whom you claim that you did work for, and didn’t get paid.a

    If I have to, I will shut every blog and site of mine down. Then your links will be worthless. Remove me, or I will shut down shop and start over.

  9. Linda, Mike Quoc is a cheat. I am not. I ordered the content from you, I am on the hook for paying you for it, even though I wasn’t paid by the client. I’ve paid you all but $15, I think, (I still need a bill from you) and it hasn’t even been a week since you completed it. Factoidz takes over a month to settle their accounts. I paid you within days of when I received it, just because I thought you would appreciate it, and instead, you call me a stiff because I owe you a <$20 balance for work that was finished barely a week ago.

    Take down your blogs Linda, leave me with all those worthless links, and then set all your domains up again. That's brilliant! Dawg-gone-it, that'll teach me a lesson!

  10. Say whatever you want about me Linda, just make sure it is true. I am NOT holding back payment from anyone, even though I haven’t been paid. I’m good for it. I paid you, before you even sent a bill, and you still have not sent me a bill so I can clear up the last little bit. ($15?) I posted this content so the client wouldn’t take it without paying for it as agreed. You and some other writers may be gung-ho on scabbing out your excellent work for a flat $3.00 per hour, but serious Web content producers know better than to do that. It just sucks for me, because as usual, I get ‘accused’ because I stand up for social justice. Get a clue, send me a bill, I’ll pay you in full, and then go ghost-write your ass off for a penny a word or less. I’ll add you to the list of “suckers who work for free” and we’ll be sure to hire you in the future, mark up your work 400%, put our own by-line on it, and laugh at you when we make more 10x more money than you on YOUR work. If you don’t think you are worth a living wage, I’m done trying to convince you that you are. You just gave Bangari permission to exploit you. Thanks!

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