Lionel Roy

I have a lot of time to think. I am a commercial fisherman by trade. I’ve always loved to read. I remember my Grandmother buying me paperbacks that I would read with a flashlight, under the covers, for hours after “Happy Days” was over, and it was time for bed. Now, as an adult, writing is a natural fit… It’s time for me to tell a story.

I did this, finally, with the help of my brilliant and gorgeous girlfriend, Angelique Fyre. We wrote a novel together. After many ‘false starts’ attempting to complete a work like this on my own, Angelique was my angel! She inspired me, and encouraged me, and has seen this work through with me to the very end…Well almost! -We have two chapters to go, and plan to unveil it (soon!)  here at Bangari Content Gallery –where we hope to get other creative writers involved.

I have a few hobbies that I plan to write some articles about, and post here. I’ve got some fishing articles and memoirs, from times at sea off the East Coast of Canada and Maine, and my home state of Rhode Island to share as well, for anyone who is interested!

By Lionel Roy

Fiction Writing is a Combination of Solitude and People Watching
This is an article about fiction writing, and what settings I use to my advantage to produce my stories. Getting labeled a true “artist” calls for some eccentricity, does it not? It’s the way of life, probably, that causes the weirdness, dontcha think? When you are truly a freelancer and don’t need to invest your hours at a scheduled time in a set place, well, you can get a bit strange. A lot of of us spend most of our lives, chained to the computer. That is due to the fact many of us are attempting to make a living off our PCs…Read More

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