Fiction Writing takes a Combination of Solitude and People Watching

By Lionel Roy
For Bangari Content Gallery Fiction

Getting labeled a true “artist” calls for some eccentricity, does it not? It’s the way of life, probably, that causes the weirdness, dontcha think? When you are truly a freelancer and don’t need to invest your hours at a scheduled time in a set place, well, you can get a bit strange. A lot of us spend most of our lives, chained to the computer. That is due to the fact many of us are attempting to make a living off these things. Let me start off talking about the downside of my face reflecting the glow of the monitor for double the hours I devote to sleeping: Sitting in a single spot is torture! Needless to say there is certainly nothing like a rainy day, a cup of coffee, a stoked wood stove, sitting in Sponge Bob pajamas, writing with the mixed aromas of burning seasoned hardwood and a cranberry bread baking in the oven.

That scenario, for a downside, doesn’t sound that bad…Does it? What about when the last five days have been rainy, and that scene has repeated to the point where you managed to obtain 20,000 words painstakingly pecked out, but caught a terrible case of “Cabin Fever?” Five days alone in a cabin near the beach in Nova Scotia can commence “hermitization” in a guy. (Note to self: Get a pet) I should get out. I need to move about in some herds of human-kind. Solitude is good for the psyche, even so, one can start to overdose on it.

My head nods up and down in front of the monitor, because, I hate to admit, I still must look at the keyboard to be able to six-finger, two-thumb type. I don’t completely comprehend how a person can devote so many God-forsaken hours at a computer and somehow not eventually learn how to type. This is beyond me! Note to young whipper-snappers: Should you get stupid, like I did, and quit school…Take a typing class first!

Writing fiction is my passion, even if it isn’t quite my bread and butter yet. Being able to venture out in crowds as the antidote for a seclusion overdose, and still continue with my writing is actually a perk to the writing enterprise. In order to create realistic characters, and get the knack of writing the kind of brief, authentic descriptions that paint a total picture within the reader’s mind, I “people watch” typically. I leave the car parked, take public transportation, and carry out my work in libraries or shops with Wi-Fi…Around people. Some literary snapshots I’ve taken away from happenings about me, and quickly pasted them into my debut novel.

Another perk that I’ve got that’s associated with my day job as a commercial fisherman: Open space solitude. I have ample time to meditate when on watch, or just looking out at the sunset over the water whilst in-between hauling gear. This peaceful scenery enables my mind to open, and far more importantly -focus. Even though scrubbing down the boat, or carrying out other menial “leave your brain at home” type work, is mind-numbingly boring, it permits my brain to invent plots, and characters, and be imaginative and creative while my concurrent efforts earn me some on-the-spot money for the fish I bring back. It isn’t always about money either…The photograph I took, with my iPhone, of this sunset while out to sea is one of my treasured possessions…I’m happy to share it with you:


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