How to Order a Haircut Like a Man

By Lionel Roy


Men are not creatures typically concerned with their hairstyles. Many of us get our haircuts per order of our occupation. I’ve ordered a ‘high and tight’ from my hair stylist, like a Marine. Or simply asked for a ‘cop cut’ -kinda like a Marine, just not so high and maybe a little less tight. These were at times I was applying for deputy sheriff, or otherwise, it was the peak of the hot summer months and I just wanted most of the hair off my scalp for cooling purposes. Not to mention, the serious ‘ease of care’ that comes with being bald. So it is in Boot Camp, when new recruits get buzzed, right down to parade rest…with no more than a bit of stubble on their domes, only a pass over with a razor, and some lotion needed to render it shiny as a cue-ball.

Normally, I order my haircuts by number. What does this mean? I’ll explain: Barbers and hairstylists normally use ‘clips’ with their buzzers. These clips set the device a certain distance from your skin and hair covered skull. The lower the number, the closer the cut. If I’m looking for a more ‘civilian’ hairstyle, but one that can still pass muster at a United States Navy military personnel inspection, I ask for a two (#2 clip) on the sides and back, tapered up from a (one #1) Then, because I tend to talk with my hands, along with verbal utterances -It’s the Italian in me I guess -I’ll indicate with my index finger and thumb, the length I desire my hair to be on top, as I call it out in good old ‘English measurement’ … ‘one inch on top, spiked.’

Why do we Americans cling to this obsolete measurement system while Europeans, and the rest of the world brilliantly enjoys the Metric system? I dunno. But that’s a topic for different article…But speaking of Europe; this is where style, from clothes to hair, for men and women, like better systems for weights and measures, originate. Lately I’m noticing that casual hairstyles for men are much greater in length. Not like in ‘hippie’ days, where it was just allowed to grow wild as well as long. It’s a much more controlled lengthy. And, definitely not like the infamous ‘mullet’ of the Eighties!

I saw some pictures in Esquire Magazine, of a handsome old guy, sporting one of these controlled long hairstyles that I think I would like for myself. I that I think I’ll take it in with me for my next haircut. This is a method, that I’m sure works as well as ordering my hairstyle by the numbers. I’m always sure to give my stylist some creative license as well!



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