Traveling: Need Adapters and Converters

pin configuration adapter

Need Adapter

If you are traveling overseas, you will want to find out a little about their standard electrical configurations. Not all Countries around the world use the same voltage or the same pin configurations. You can purchase adapters. They are not expensive at all. You can also buy a voltage converter as well. This post starts with the cute picture above, that I drew myself, — you can have it for free under the Creative Commons 3.0 license, as long as you link to the source, here at Bangari Content Gallery. It makes a great T-Shirt! Below, you will find different converters and adapters for sale at This list will increase as I continue to update this post, with exactly what accessories you need, depending on what country you are traveling from as well as which country you are traveling to. In the meantime, if you just leave a comment, I will do the research and get you the information.

Here is a universal plug adapter that is configured for The United States, The United Kingdom, The European Union and Australia. The prongs in back fold, so they will not be in the way when used for the different configurations. This adapter is less than US $10 on Click text under the picture and you will be directed there to purchase one…And I get a little commish. Thanks! 🙂



Below is a power converter. I will include a more detailed list as I go, and as I see how much interest the International Web audience has in this page. These are items that the first time overseas traveler neglects to consider when planning their trip. You want to be able to charge your electronics, right? You want to use your laptop and your curling iron, correct? Click the text below the picture below, and you will be directed to the Page where you can buy the power converter that you need for your trip. The one shown may not be suitable for appliances that draw a lot of juice, like blow dryers and curling irons, however, it is perfect for electronics and their associated chargers. Search around Amazon, to find the one that suits your purpose.


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