Martha Jette

Martha Jette

I am a former newspaper and magazine editor with years of experience writing for those as well as countless on-line sites and e-zines on everything from politics and business to sports, health and entertainment.  Currently, I write two regular columns for the, one on the paranormal ( and one on Shih Tzus and dogs in general (

I have also written seven books on a variety of topics, which have since be published. These include:

1) “Glimpses” True Stories of the Paranormal (Self-published through Creative Book Publishers – ISBN# 0-975-4618-0-3) Sold through See:

2) “Glimpses 2” It Could Happen To You! (Published by Saga Books, Calgary, AB. ISBN# 1-894936-38-8),

3) Talking To My Angel (children) Saga Books, ISBN# 1-894936-28-0)

4) Playing With The Devil (Saga Books, ISBN# 1-894936-51-5), See:

5) The Man With The Magic Spectacles (Saga Books, ISBN# 978-1-894936-90-3), (Currently on hold pending publication as an ebook.)

6) Blood Vengeance: (Cold Case #4-183) Not of this World (Saga Books, ISBN# 978-1-897512-32-6) See:

7) Totally Scared: The Complete Book On Haunted Houses (Saga Books, ISBN# 978-1-897512-35-7) See:


I also offer editing services, as well as preparation of book proposals, book synopsis, critiques and book reviews. In my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario I am a member of Hamilton Writers and a past member of Arts Hamilton’s Literary Committee.  I am also an active member of the Researching, Investigating and Debunking Ghostly Encounters (R.I.D.G.E) paranormal investigation team (

I have been interviewed on many on and off-line radio shows, including CHML and The X-Zone, Midnight Highway Radio, BUFO Radio, Global Talk Radio, The Graveyard Shift, Quantum Radio and Spirit Rescuers, 2012.

I can be reached at:


20 responses to “Martha Jette

  1. Welcome Martha!

    You are a total pro, and I’ve learned a lot from you in a short time. I’m sure I’ve got a long time to learn a lot more. I think that first big project we did was just the beginning of a lot of bigger and better things to come. You are so proficient at the most cutting edge Internet content production technologies that it’s hard to believe you are also someone’s Grandma! We all congratulate you on the birth of your grandson, Lucas. We could not have finished that last project without you! Thanks for helping carry that load. You are mega-talented, and you’ve got the kind of see-it-through work ethic that makes it so you have seven finished, published, available for purchase books to show for it. I hope you will be coaching many of us (like me) to our first one! God bless you!

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