Natasha Polak

Writing has been my passion since I was 9 years old.  Originally, I envisioned myself a poet, but soon grew to love story-telling, and my first job was shelving materials at the local library.  The world of non-fiction came together for me when I became involved with a Peer Facilitation pilot program in high school, where I enjoyed helping others.  It was at my church youth group leader’s prompting, however, that led me to write a non-fiction article about witnessing in public schools, which I submitted to Insight Magazine.  To my surprise, not only did I enjoy the experience, but I ended up with my first in-print byline!

From there, I branched out to publish another article that appeared in The Adventist Review, and several Seventh-day Adventist teaching guides and lesson studies for The Collegiate Quarterly and Cornerstone Connections, while serving as an assistant teacher and teacher for children ages 7-9 and youth/collegiate age.  Another wise person in my church family suggested I try my hand at editing the church bulletins and newsletters, which I did successfully for a couple of years, along with creating a non-denominational devotional e-group, which spawned my exodus from the SDA church into a non-denominational life, and gave me the inspiration to write the e-book:

“Love, God”

My first major online projects as a freelance writer were ghost-writing contracted through WriteEdge Ltd.  I contributed to a FAQ segment for hedge hogs, and was a writer and researcher for Petopia’s website (now Petco) in which I supplied information for breeds of dogs, cats, birds, and rodents as part of a site-wide database.

I held a brief stint as a creative writer for the short-lived online publications Sage Base, FitRec, Wellness Walkers, and the newsletter for Thank You Mommy Wellness, then ghost-wrote a series of keyword-rich articles as contracted with  PageWise, Guru, Write for Cash, and Just Articles for general-interest topics such as health, family, and relationships.  The last several years have been spent writing for Babyzone, eHow, Demand Studios, Associated Content, Review Stream, Helium, Hubpages, Examiner, Factoidz, and the Cheerful Givers’ newsletter.

I am also a contributing author for the: Wise Guide’s guidebook to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway:

My years of working in retail, human resources, education, and customer service for various industries, combined with a series of life-experiences and untimely illnesses and close calls, has helped pave the way for my diverse topics of interest in writing.  When I am not working my “day job”, transcribing for the Scribie website, or writing articles and series of fiction and non-fiction books, I enjoy volunteering at my daughter’s school, our community, and church.

I am the Manager of Bangari’s Pet Services Content Project. To see samples of this content, click here


16 responses to “Natasha Polak

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  10. How do I get an article removed from Bangari Content? I have a copyrighted work which has been illegally published here, is there someone who can help me with this?

  11. Sure Oliver. I’ll get that taken down right away. Please give us a link to where the content was originally posted, and tell us which article it was that was plagiarized.

  12. Hi Natasha. my name is Meshack Keicha. I am also a proud member of Bangari. Kevin introduced me to you and he told me that you are also a Seventh Day Adventist. Its nice to meet you. I am also a Seventh Day Adventist. Nice time.

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  14. Hi Meshack, well I used to be SDA – but have been Non-denominational for several years now. Thanks for the comment!

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