Best Selling Cat Toys

By Natasha Polak
For Local Pet Services

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Always playful

cat toyCats can be frisky, and not just as kittens. They may seem to sleep more in adulthood, but can become quite active and frisky once the sun goes down, when they are ready to explore. This is even more so with cats who spend time alone all day, and tend to sleep, so that in the evenings they are refreshed and full of energy -when your day is done, and you are ready to relax Of course, play is just training for hunting, so cats enjoy toys they can chase. Toys like balls they can bat around, float their boat. Noisy toys also hold their interest – particularly if they have jingly bells, mouse-like squeaks, or especially crinkled paper sounds. Sometimes a cat wants to make believe it “is” the prey, they also like hiding in and rolling around in tubes or other small spaces. Last but not least, cats also love to scratch, chew on, and paw at dangling toys and scratching posts.

frolicat bolt interactive laser pet toy

What accessories do most cats like best?

cat toy

To find what appeals most to your cat, you can, through trial and error test your cat to see how she reacts with them. If you want to attract your cat to a “boring toy”, Kitty might even like having a toy rubbed with a little cat nip on occasion. When you find what works for your cat, offer him some variety to avoid boredom.You don’t have to spend a lot of money on store-bought cat toys,either. Using around-the-house items like cardboard boxes, paper bags, balls of string, and crumpled-up balls of paper can be well-worth experimenting with as toys for your cat. She might very well decide to use cardboard boxes as scratching posts, or sleep in a paper bag! If you are handy with sewing, knitting, or crocheting, you can create your own cat toys for cheap – all you need is fabric or yarn and small chime bells or cotton batting to assemble a ball or plush toy for your pet to play with.

play-n-squeak mouse hunter

What cat toys to Avoid

A little caution when allowing your pet to play with items found in your home: always make sure that what you let your pet play with does not contain traces of anything harmful (such as with household cleaners, soaps, or other chemicals or lead paint), and avoid using containers that were used for those items. Keep your cat away from plastic bags, sharp or metal objects, beads, or tinsel-like or thin wire-like string that can cause strangulation and suffocation. When any toys show signs of wear and tear, dispose of them promptly and replace, don’t hesitate to run them through the washing machine once in a while.

ethical wide colorful springs toy


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