Petal Mashraki

I have lived and been educated in England and South Africa and currently live in Israel. I have a B.A. in Drama and English and various smaller course diplomas. My occupations have always revolved around the arts and things I feel passionate about. I’ve worked as an actress, mural artist and a writer. I’m passionate about travel, family life, Israel, religion in general and Judaism specifically. I also take an interest in natural medicine and an eco-friendly lifestyle. I currently write for Bangari Content Studios on a variety of subjects, while raising a family. You can visit my travel blog at:

5 responses to “Petal Mashraki

  1. Welcome Petal! (pronounced like flower petal) You have been a key player from Bangari’s beginning. We’ve been through some stuff together! You have a really interesting take on the world that I guess must come with being a well-traveled mother. Your management of the Ketubah project is going to bring in a bunch of revenue for this site! Thanks for being a part of this. Shalom, G-d bless you!


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