Ketubah, Ketubot, Judacia Project

This project is being managed by Petal Mashraki. If you are interested in purchasing any of this content: click here.

Israeli Ketubah

Israeli Ketubah

We recommend this type of content especially for Web properties belonging to Rabbis and other ministers who officiate at wedding ceremonies. This is very unique stuff, and will help your ranking as it provides useful information to those who browse your site. A Website should contain “resource content.” That means articles that do not directly promote your product or services, but provide information related to them.

Petal plans to expand this project to include all sorts of content on the topic of Judacia. If you don’t see anything that suits you, remember: We have ways of producing quality custom content efficiently. So drop Petal a comment. Ask a question. Find out how we can work with you to stock your site with plenty of fresh content on all things Judacia.

Articles posted as of 10/20/11:

What does the Lieberman Clause mean for your Ketubah?

Can I have a Ketubah if I’m not Jewish?

Ketubah: Decorative marriage contracts for all faiths

Ketubot from around the world

Ketubot: What do these marriage contracts say?

What is Ketubah lithograph artwork?

Hebrew Language for Beginners

Naomi Teplow: A Woman of Valor

My Hebrew Tattoo Idea

Naomi Teplow: The Lord is My Shepherd



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